Gardening God’s Way

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    <FONT FACE="Lucida Sans">05May08: It looks like spring may finally be here, so I thought I would bump this.</FONT>

    Gardening God’s Way
    Author Unknown, Source Unknown

    Plant three rows of peas:
    Peace of mind
    Peace of heart
    Peace of soul.

    Plant four rows of squash:
    Squash gossip
    Squash indifference
    Squash grumbling
    Squash selfishness.

    Then four rows of lettuce:
    Let us be faithful
    Let us be kind
    Let us be obedient
    Let us really love one another.

    No garden without turnips:
    Turn up for meetings
    Turn up for service
    Turn up to help one another.

    Water freely with patience and cultivate love.

    There is much fruit from your garden
    Because you reap what you sow.

    To complete our garden we must have thyme:
    Time for God
    Time for study
    Time for prayer
    Time for each other
    Time for friends.[This Message was Edited on 05/05/2008]
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    Thanks LittleBluestem, I really like this. I'm a garden person and used to have nice vegetable gardens when I could take care of them. I love the references. So much truth in Gardening God's Way.

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    Beautiful Bluestem I think I will share this with my friends. Thank you for this and for helping us to remember the important things

    God Bless you
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    What a nice way to remember some important things.
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    Oh whoever bumped this up...this is sooo precious...I will have to copy this to send it out to my friends! I love it!

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    Well, I'm glad you took the Thyme to do that...they are all nice!

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    I used to garden all weekend when I felt better. I'm now limited to a few areas around the house and a lot of pots but I love those and getting out.

    This is so nice and gave me a smile.

    Thanks Julie