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    I have an elevated garden container from Sams the sage and thyme lived thru the winter. can I just leave same soil in it or do I need to dump out and use new soil.

    as you can see Im a novice gardener. thx for you help. love gail
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    you could always call up Sams. Don't know if you would get someone who could
    actually give you sage advice though.

    It says in the New Testament, don't put new wine in old bottles (or wineskins).
    Does that help?

    Didn't think so.

    Good luck

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    You could try your local county extension office. They are good at answering questions. Mine will even do free testing of my soil. Good luck!
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    nothing like it on earth.

    I have some of my planters planted with perennials and they come back each year--usually larger than the last.

    I also (sometimes) have some annuals that somehow survive the winter by reseeding or going dormant and they live to bloom another season (this is always a nice bonus that makes me smile).

    Some years (not all years because I forget) I worry about these plants. I wonder if they need some nourishment. So I just work in some organic fertilizer around the plant or some rich organic compost.

    I sometimes also make a fertilizer tea of sorts and pour it in at the base of these plants. I mix up the dry organic fertilizer in a gallon jug with water and let it sit for a couple of days. Sometimes I forget about the jug but that is okay. It just makes for a stronger tea and boy does it stink : ) But stinky can be good when it comes to gardening.

    Thymes can be pretty hardy and sage too I think. I have part of my yard that I planted with serveral different Thymes and they grow back each year. I kind of forget about them unless I happen into that part of the yard. When I do weed these plants the aroma is wonderful.

    I hope this helps some.

    Geez, my typing is getting bad!

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    LEFTYGG Member

    very helpful info im gonna work in some fertilizer. i want to compost too and catch rain water. never was interested before cause i had 5 kids to care for.

    im gonna have SIL make me a raised garden.thx love gail

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    I'm too brain dead to give good advice on this subject.

    BUT , I've always received good input from Old Pharmer Phil's Country Living Phorum.... just an idea......

    Blessings ,


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    ill check it out love gail