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    I see a lot of gardeners here. My mom is an avid gardener although she can't do as much as she used to. She suffers from Wegener's granulomatosis (a rather rare autoimmune disease) and has slowed down over the years. I have never been much of a gardener but when I had my house, I tried my hand at it.

    Houston is very hot and working outside has never been my idea of a good time. So I decided to start an indoor garden and realized how little tending that it needed. I had to periodically go to the store to keep the garden supplied, but that wasn't all that difficult.

    You see, I grew things in my refrigerator. It was SO easy and I had a real knack for mold. I didn't grow just your average gray mold. Mine, I am proud to say, had brilliant colors, green, red, yellow, even blue mold. I had a few green plants in the vegetable drawer, garlic and onions mainly, they sprouted beautifully. And it was SO easy.

    I had a regular garden growing in there. I never knew I had such a green thumb! I was delighted, when people would come over, I would say "come see my garden". They did look at me a bit strangely, but I have always been at bit of a pioneer when it comes to new trends.

    I decided to expand into water gardening. My toilets were a mass of different colors. An added bonus was the thought that I might be growing the cure for cancer. I grew a little prickly when I was told "clean up that mess". They obviously had no vision.

    I'm sad to say I can no longer garden. Since I am sharing a house with my folks, my mom doesn't have the vision I do. Her refrigerator is just a boring refrigerator. Her toilet? You could boil spaghetti in it, it is so clean. I miss my garden, I was rather proud of it.
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    Welcome to the board.

    Your garden sounds very colorful. I believe I read the French use a similar system called laissez-faire. Or in Nixonian terms, benign neglect.

    I wonder if they still make chia pets.


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    I like surprises. Oh, sometimes a black light can be fun to try in the kitchen. mr Bill

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