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    I have a question. How many out there used to do alot of gardening and used the insecticide diazinon on a regular basis. It was sold under many different brand names and was used both indoor and outdoor. It was the largest and I just found out it is being pulled off the market completely. I haven't been able to find out any long term affects though but overexposore does affect the nervous system. I used it for years on a weekly basis fighting fire ants when I lived in the country (in the '80s).
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    I have not used this to my knowledge & was never much of a gardener myself, but I will be very interested to see other responses you get, as I do believe many of my neurological symptoms have some relationship to toxic chemicals in cleaning products, etc. that I used pretty indiscriminately in the past, probably not always with the best ventilation, etc....

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    Yes - I am a gardening fanatic and also used diazonin on a regular basis (probably once every two weeks each summer). I have not used it at all this year. Do you think there might be a connection?

    2 girls
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    I am (or was) an avid gardener all year long. It was also my occupation working in the greenhouses growing bedding plants which get treated with many chemicals. I have used Diazinon over the past 3 years at home, as well as some other insecticide products for our veggies and in our orchard. I am very conscious of what I use and protect myself the best I can (i.e., clothing, eye protection, face masks, immediate hand washing), but the exposure is still "in the air" so to speak. This last year I've made the effort to try a more natural approach. Unfortunately, I think that damage is already done.

    It sure would be a bummer if this attributed to my illness. Let me know what you find out. Lisa