Garlic "tea" is helping me with the flu

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mbofov, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. mbofov

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    Hi everyone - I've been sick for about 8 days now with the flu. I've been taking vit. C and zinc lozenges without much help. About 4 days into being sick I thought about taking a garlic supplement, but had none, and was too sick to get out and buy anything.

    And then I remembered I had some fresh garlic on hand. So I cut up 4 cloves, simmered them in water for a few minutes, and drank the stuff (and ate the garlic pieces too). It really wasn't bad, was rather mild tasting.

    I did this once a day for 2 days, started to get better, then slacked off, got worse yesterday, so last night I made a double batch using 10 cloves, drank half last night, and half this morning, and feel halfway human this afternoon. I'm going to make some more in a little while and drink some more tonight. I'm aiming for 2 doses a day.

    I've been reading about garlic and it is supposed to be good for almost anything - lowering cholesterol, herpes, the flu, other viruses, bacteria, candida, cancer, regulating blood sugar, you name it. I know I took it in capsule form several years ago without any noticeable effect, so I gave up on it. However, I'm going to keep on taking my garlic "tea" and see how I do. I have a weakened immune system (I get sick a lot, every few weeks) and garlic is supposed to help strengthen the immune system.

    I have no idea what I may smell like, probably an Italian deli, but there are worse things. I really think it's helping me right now, and perhaps this fresh garlic "tea" is more effective than the pills and capsules you can buy.

    So I just wanted to pass this on. I'm going to keep up the garlic for awhile and see if I stop getting sick so much. I do have high cholesterol to boot and it will be very interesting to see if my cholesterol goes down too. My doctor has me taking non-flush niacin for my cholesterol. Anyways, maybe the combination of the two will do the trick. There are a few articles about garlic in this website's library.

  2. lease79

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    I love the stuff & have been eating alot of it lately along with lots of fresh juicing, but the 'kill off' has been making me feel really bad.
    I LOVE my garlic, so once Christmas is past I am going to try really hard again to improve my health with it.
    I read all the positive stuff about it too, & hope that in the long run it will help me too :)
  3. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Thanks for the tip re "onion" tea that your mother and grandmother used to make -- I may try adding onion to the mix (why not?)

    I hope the garlic tea helps you. I just think I'm absorbing more this way than taking capsules. Time will tell --


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