Garth Nicholson - Mitochondrial repair and Fatigue resolution

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  1. IanH

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    Garth and Rita Ellithorpe are hosting a conference on mitochondrial repair in ME
    Garth Nicholson is one of the foremost researchers on mitochondrial structure and function. I will be looking forward to the papers on this.
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    That should be interesting - I look forward to your summary of the salient points of the papers coming out of the conference! :)

    I have read that Dr. Nicholson has done a lot of reseach re mycoplasma and CFS and Gulf War Syndrome. I thnk that Mikie on this board may have been treated by Dr. Nicholson for mycoplasma, or at least she contacted him and he provided info for her.

  3. Mikie

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    As you know, I owe a LOT to Dr. Nicolson for his help with my mycoplasma infection treatment. He is a very nice man and, like Dr. Cheney, has worked at great expense to himself and his career to help us.

    Love, Mikie
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    was the first person I read about when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and his recommendation of antibiotic use in autoimmune diseases was encouraging. I don't know if I agree entirely with the notion of stealth bacteria being a cause for a lot of the illnesses, I don't feel too strongly one way or another. I do however believe in antibiotic treatment for these diseases since it does modulate immune function and blocks inflammation.

    No disrespect intended, but I don't like Dr. Cheney very much and those around here who also don't, probably feel that way for the same reason as me.
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    It is interesting to be chatting with people who have met the specialists I only read about or see on videos.
  6. Ian, when is the conference scheduled for? I would be very interested to read or hear this info. Thanks so much for letting us know about it and for the link. I will def check it out!

    Neoplus1, could you let me know why you don't like Dr. Cheney? I've never met him and only know what his basic protocol is because when I first was diagnosed, his was the first name that came up when I was researching CFS/ME. A former patient of his had shared, in some detail, his general protocol for CFS online. I even looked into getting an appt with him, but the cost was extremely expensive, so I never did. But I would be interested to know your opinion or experience with him.

    I don't know how I've never heard of Dr. Nicholson, esp with the amount of research I've done. But I'm very interested to hear what he has to say. Thanks again, Ian, for bringing this to our attention!

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    I have not actually met Dr. Cheney. I didn't mean to give that impression. I'm not here to bash him and there may be patients who have done well working with him. The problems Ihave with him are that most of the information on treatment and things he is doing are, for the most part, only accessible by paying money on his website or where ever.

    I think the overall cost to see him, receive treatments, get information, and basically anything associated with him are inflated. I understand things cost money and research costs money, but I don't really see any research that he has done. Trying things on patients and then using it on other patients doesn't really help the community as a whole and isn't really "research". Look at how much Rich accomplished and how empty did our pockets get? Thank God for Rich.

    As I said, I am not bashing him or anyone who chooses to see him. If you see him and get better or improve, I am thankful that you could be helped and hope you continue seeing him. I don't know, I just get a bad vibe.
  8. Thanks for your response and for sharing your thoughts. I understand what you are saying and have to agree somewhat. I remember when I first got diagnosed (which was only 2 years ago, though I suffered with this DD for a good 6 years before receiving the diagnosis.), I was desperate to find out what I could about CFS and discovered Cheney online. I was so hopeful that he could help me, but when I found out the cost, I knew there was no way we could take advantage of that opportunity. And my husband and I had to wonder WHY was it THAT expensive?

    About a year later, I found out about Dr. Lapp, who (I discovered) had worked with Cheney at some point (I think, back in the 1990's). I was relieved to find out that Dr. Lapp, while still expensive (par for the course with this disease), was almost a third of the cost of Dr. Cheney. So after scraping up the money, I was thankfully able to go see him, and make the 12 hour trip.

    Like you, I know research is expensive, but if doctors really want to help us, I would hope they would at least TRY to make it more affordable for us.

    But I couldn't agree more about Rich. I only had the privilege of receiving his help for about 2 months before he died (since I had only discovered this board in mid July of this year), but he was such an incredible blessing... I think my heart stopped momentarily when I read the news that he had died... then I couldn't help but cry. So I can only imagine how those of you who had known him longer must have felt! He gave so freely of himself to help others.... what an amazing and rare person he was. The world needs more folks like him...

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  9. IanH

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    They have just had the conference this week so I am awaiting the summaries.
    You may get some reports on Phoenix rising.
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    I have so many questions. Can anyone fill me in a little on mycoplasma? I have recently gone through my records, which I have not been able to do because of complete overwhelm. I have tested positive for mycoplasma pneumoniae and chlamydophila pneumoniae for as long as I have been tested (beginning around 2000). I have CFS and fibro, Lyme and an autoimmune disease, as well as a positive ANA. I am getting blood tests Friday....hopefully to see where I stand. I am very wary of doctors at this point. I know I have not found one that could put all the pieces together. Most recently Dr. Shoemaker, who I believe was just looking at certain things for his research. Please forgive me if I step on any toes here.

    Steve, I read your other post and would love to hear about what is going on with you. All of you! I would love to hear your stories, or if you would direct me to old posts so you don't have to rewrite things. I am late to the party. ; )

  11. Mikie

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    I look forward to it too. Dr. Nicolson helped me soooo much when I was trying to drive my mycoplasma infection into latency. He is such a nice man. He was very generous with his time e-mailing me even though he is such a busy doc.

    He is also one of the foremost researchers on Gulf War Illness.

    Love, Mikie

    Oops, just realized this is an old post.

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    Mikie, can you tell me a little about your experience with the mycoplasma?

  13. IanH

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    This seminar still has not been posted. I will keep watch.
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    Hi Shel,

    I didn't know you had seen Dr. Lapp. He is my doctor and I am also seeing Dr. Lerner here in Michigan right now due to not being able to travel to N. Carolina since my viral titers went nuts and HHV6 and EBV reactivated.

    I do a lot of work for Dr. Lapp and Dr. Black. They are not just good doctors but very kindhearted people.

    I'll keep on the watch here for any link posted to the seminar discussed in this thread.

    Hope you are doing okay,
  15. Mikie

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    I've posted a lot on this over the years and will try to remember it here.

    I lived next to a military facility where soldiers were being vaccinated prior to being deployed to the first Gulf War. It was Christmastime and I likely got the infection from an infected soldier out shopping during the holidays at the crowded mall. Christmas Eve, I got what I thought was the worst flu of my life. The mycoplasma antibodies, which I had never heard of, showed up in my blood test because I was actively sick. The doc gave me one course of ABX but I stayed sick for months. He gave me another and pain meds because I was left partially crippled and in pain. I eventually got better by never was the same again.

    It was 11 years later that I learned of Dr. Nicolson and his work. I printed out his papers and gave them to my own doc. My doc prescribed Doxycycline and it took 2 1/2 years on it, pulsing it at the end. Dr. Nicolson now says it takes no less than six months on ABX to drive the mycoplasma into latency. It never leaves the body. It changes into cysts and delves deep into the body's tissues. It can reactivate if one gets run down or ill.

    There is all kinds of info on the government's involvement in one strain of mycoplasma which was man made and which is patented. The patent is owned by a Dr. Lo who has ties to the DOD. My own opinion is that the vaccines contained this strain, either by design or by mistake. The govt. then, and now with the new vets who are coming home from Iraq with GWI, insists that GWI was caused by contact in the wars with toxic chemical agents. Thing is, though, that many who were vaccinated but not deployed, came down with GWI. Obviously, the soldier who gave it to me had not yet deployed. There has been great pressure on Dr. Nicolson and his wife to stop their work on GWI.

    I'm not a big conspiracy theorist but there is just too much evidence that the govt. is hidiing something. BTW, my doc at the time practiced next to the military facility. I sent for my records and they had been scrubbed, labs and all. They forgot to pull a phone message from me to get my lab results because it didn't mention why I was calling. My guess is that a lot of civilians got sick in that area.

    I had no idea what mycoplasmas were so I never was told which strain was found. I believe it was the man-made strain because it was far more virulent than other mycoplasmas, many of which are harmless.

    About 60 percent of vets with GWI are infected with this strain. Only about 6 percent of the general population is infected. Again, too much evidence to ignore. I believe we are all genetically predisposed to our illnesses and this could account for the 40 percent of vets, and 94 percent of civilians, who have not gotten sick with mycoplasma infections. Some of the civilian population has likely not been exposed to someone with an active infection. Many of the vets with GWI have had family members get sick and even some of their pets are sick.

    I hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie