Garth Nicolson MD on Lyme, mycoplasma etc.

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    I thought it might be good to post here what I posted under another thread (Antibiotics and CFS by julie81) .
    Common Cause Medical Research Foundation

    Professor Garth Nicolson is President and Chief Scientific Officer for the Institute of Molecular Medicine (

    A main interest of his is researching the role of chronic infections in many different chronic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Illness, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

    One of the first things that Prof. Nicolson mentioned was that a large subset of Chronic fatigue patients actually have Lyme Disease. Nicolson feels that Chronic Lyme involves viruses, bacteria and fungus. He says that this chronic state evolves over time.

    The Lyme infection can weaken the system and allow for these additional microbes to accumulate. It is also possible that it could work the other way around. A collection of other microbes, besides Lyme, could weaken the immune system, which could then allow Lyme to become chronic.

    Nicolson discussed co-morbid states, explaining that most patients with chronic illness are infected with more than one pathogen. Each disease causes its own problems and this could be the reason why so many signs and symptoms keep shifting.

    Some of the culprits he mentioned are: mycoplasma, chlamydia, rickettsia, brucella, borrelia, coxiela, EBV, HHV6, CMV, enterovirus, Hepatitis C and fungus.

    Each patient has their own unique overlap of symptoms. Because of this they end up going to different specialists who hand them a specific disease label to match their set of symptoms.

    There are usually no definite tests, causes or cures for all the subsets; only symptomatic treatments are offered. In the meantime, these infections continue to weaken the body.

    Fatigue is the most common symptom of all those diseases because the pathogenic intracellular bacteria attack the mitochondria or battery of the cell. Lipids are the insulation for these mitochondria, and when the lipid membranes are stripped off, this depletes the energy and this is why fatigue is the most common complaint.

    One of the keys to improvement then would be to somehow restore the mitochondria of the cell in order to restore energy. Some nutritional supplements can restore mitochondrial function and therefore improve energy.

    Nicolson also advised checking for dental infections in chronic illness, as this is a very efficient means of transporting germs into the body. And he noted that being bitten by a tick is not the only way to acquire these infections. Some are sexually transmitted, and some can be passed through the placenta, breast milk, tears and other bodily fluids.

    One of the most important bits of advice he shared with us was to keep your immune system in tip top shape. He suggested reducing alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fats. Some of the immune enhancements he spoke of were: natural antimicrobial products, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, hydrogen peroxide baths, ozone therapy,

    Infrared saunas and sublingual B vitamins. Vitamins C, E and CoQ10 were also thought to be needed. Helpful minerals mentioned were zinc, chromium, magnesium and selenium.

    He stressed the fact that antibiotics by themselves will not cure you. It is up to the patient to follow appropriate health suggestions.

    Also, for Chlamydia Pn. treatment - check out


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    sharing !
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    I have been out of town for several days. Did you post this on the FM/CFS board? It needs to be. I had the same discussion with my LLMD last month, that Nicholson is focusing big time on lyme as the main culprit for CFS and FM.

    Thanks for posting.


    P.S. I reread your post Victoria...this needs to be posted under a brand new topic on the other board with a catchy phase to get people to read it. If you don't do it I will![This Message was Edited on 07/17/2006]
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    I did repost your Nicolson story on the FM/CFS board as I always try to get people to think outside the box of the FM and CFS label. As of now more people are more interested in responding to update on old boyfriend.
    Oh well you can lead a horse to the water......
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    I think the majority of people who go to these boards do not post at all but simply read... so who knows how many these articles and posts really influence?

    It is so overwhelming for all of us when we are first diagnosed with CF/Fm anyway as there is no universal agreed-upon treatment. It takes time to sort thru what one's doctor(s) advises, the information online, and then the almost inevitable disappointments with symptom relief treatments that never seem to last.

    I also understand the wanting to try what seems the simplest or the most standard approaches, and most of us initially trust our doctors to know it all anyway. I know none of my doctors ever suggested my getting a test for mycoplasma.

    But I always figure the more times I can politely suggest looking into lyme and other stealth pathogens the better.

    Also, sooner or later people run out of other options anyway. So you never know who is ultimately reading and acting on what we or others say now.


    PS: My son stopped the Levaquin last week as he seemed to be getting bad side effects suddenly (no damage done tho). He has been doing the Salt/C since last Wed, and interestingly he seems to be herxing with same symptoms as he has with abx, also feels it cognitively/mentally. His app't at the clinic is Thursday...

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    More people are starting to respond to the post. You did make some good points.
    Keep us posted on the salt and C with your son. I did try it for a few days and got a good herx punch to it. I know rifampin which is what I'm working with is often used instead of levaq.
    I have been herxing big time with Rifampin Had to start pulsing it.

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    just got this url from a yahoo lyme list.

    a much longer version is available at

    It's titled:


    It's dated 2006; it has been asked that the url just be posted and to not repost any of the material separately....