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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by m1she11e, May 14, 2009.

  1. m1she11e

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    I know it is one of the "crazy" things out there, BUT, I hate to leave any stone unturned. Even the crazy stones.

    Gary Blier has alot of videos on youtube. The company name is Allergy Alternatives. He has all these Lymes testimonials on his site. Im not gonna try to explain it but it is pretty much about retraining the immune system but not with anything you take internally, etc. I guess some of the other Lyme sites think he is a fraud and people who work for him are going on line and posting.

    Is there anyone out there that has any real experience with this "IRT" system he does?

  2. brainfan

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    I have spent many years suffering "controversial" ills (multiple chemical sensitivity) and studying mainstream and alternative health modalities. I am a registered nurse who has worked in the hospital environment for 20 years while spending the bulk of those years researching alternative medicine. I have *NEVER* seen such a blatant example of snake oil as this so-called Advanced Cell Training. These schysters haven't the slightest awareness of how illness works in the human body. They haven't the slightest understanding of how a cell functions. Yet they have the unmitigated GALL to claim that they can "train cells", despite the fact that there is no field of medicine which will claim to do such a thing. I can't even begin to explain how bad their absurd "explanations" are as it would take far, far longer than it took them to construct such fiction.
  3. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Hi there all,
    Just to let everyone know that I am starting IRT or Advance cell training next week. I will post all updates and any progress.
    If this really is a scam, it will be posted here.
    I have had Lyme disease for a number of years. I am classed as chronic. To me with this program, there is no risk. They offer a money back guarantee for the first month. And guess what folks - if I don't see any difference in my health, they'll be giving me my money back ! This I will also post also.
  4. m1she11e

    m1she11e New Member

    I posted this on the CFS forum as well.

    From my experience on these board, I idont believe that anyone who has actually tried the IRT or is about to try it and is truly sick has responded to my post.

    I guess that answers my question right there. It is not a cut and try money back guarantee either BTW.

  5. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    I want to let everyone know that I am completely genuinely ill. I have been for a number of years and nearly died in 2005.
    Anyway onto the treatment that has sparked great controversy.
    I did my first ACT class this morning and to say the least, I am quite surprised. After the one hour class, codes are read and then you listen to the music provided. It was quite weird. I had symptoms of hot and cold spells, pain in my finger, muscle twitches, extreme fatigue and various pain in different body areas.
    Yes I have experienced all of these symptoms before, but it was truly like my body was trying to fix itself.
    I will post back after this week, to report if there really has been a drop in symptoms overall and that I am able to experience more of life !
    Love to all,
  6. beatlyme

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    Please beware of wolf in sheep's clothing (or however the saying goes)
    He has been under dept of health investigation for past several years.
    It's a hoax. We are all desperate to find cure, but this is something you should investigate yourself. Don't fall into this trap, check records on this guy and you should find he has changed his "business name" several times.
    IRT to ACT to whatever he will call it next?
    Check search engine even - dept health in Rhode Island and his name. The records they have on him are long. Watch the facts not placebo reactions or anyone he has set up anywhere to state it's working.[This Message was Edited on 03/05/2012]
  7. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Believe me when I say that I never get placebo with my illness.
    Second session hasn't really revealed anything, actually I have been worse with my hormones.
    I don't know what everyone is going on about with this treatment. There is no risk for the first month, as you can get your money back - all of it.
    In life you shouldn't be negative about something, unless you've tried it yourself. Of course the health department are investigating this man? If his training truly works, well he will have to get a body guard. The drug companies will want to put him out of business. Think about that.
    So not much to report this week. I will report again in another week for my third session.
    Onward and upward !
  8. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Well if I hadn't done ACT myself I wouldn't have believed it. My allergies have greatly improved after the third session this week. And no it isn't placebo. I have suffered over the past 10 years with foods and it has gradually gotten worse. This year especially I was running out of options and didn't want to turn to drugs.
    Fatigue is less also and I drove the car today with no ill effects or symptoms.
    So I won't be asking for my money back next week for the fourth session. I will keep going, and hopefully reach where I want to go!

    Love to all xxx
  9. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    I'm happy to hear of your improvement with ACT! :)

  10. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Programs like Dr. Alex Loyd's The Healing Codes are based on the truth that dis-ease is due to stress and the effects stress and cellular memories have on our ANS (autonomic nerveous system).

    When the ANS is in fight-flight mode, it affects the other organ systems of the body negatively. By changing your beliefs to truth & love and stopping the stress (fear, viewing life as threatening or dangerous), you come back to health.

    Programs like ACT and The Healing Codes will likely not work for those who choose to remain skeptics. The power of belief to change energy patterns and health is real.

    To the medical skeptics-- let me just say,
    (1) we humans are first and foremost energy, not simply flesh, blood, bones, chemistry. This is science, quantum physics, etc.
    (2) Albert Einstein recognized this.
    (3) Today, Dr. Bruce Lipton from Standford also found that 99% of cellular memory is under-conscious and need a process to activate mechanism in your body that automatically finds the destructive frequencies and neutralizes them.
    (4) In the Bible, Solomon said "Guard your heart above everything else, for from it flows all the issues of life."

    So, when you deal with the spiritual, emotional, etc issues of the heart & subconcious or cellular memories, you will reduce stress and strengthen physically too. Allow light energy (love) to dispel dark energy (fear)....
  11. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Well it has been my 5th ACT session and I am elated with the results. Please note everybody that I live in Australia and have nothing to do with the company.
    My allergies have dramatically improved and my temperatures have stopped. Fatigue is better and I don't feel like I am going backwards anymore.
    If anyone wants my email address - post a message and I would be happy to email you.
    Love to all, Marie xxxx
  12. marieclaire

    marieclaire New Member

    Well ACt class no. 12.....allergies greatly improved and maintained. However, fatigue and everything else has worsened. I will probably quit now. Personally the best treatment for lyme is the marshall protocol.

    bye all xxx
  13. lola333

    lola333 New Member

    Hi Marieclaire,
    Hope you are well.. Did you ever try anymore ACT classes with Gary Blier? I was wondering if it had helped you anymore aside from the allergies, and if it had improved since 2012. I was thinking of trying it as I've been sick for so long… I think they are going to be training others to do it and create an institute in the future.

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