Gary since you are a doc and a surgeon please give me insight

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  1. hensue

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    On how these doctors think or act about pain meds? You are surgeon or MD and I am sure you dispense it? I have pain if I do anything out of the ordinary. You know after the activity such as vacuming?? The next day so how should i go about this? I even go to a pain clinic they give me valuim and klonopin and that is it. I drive 60 miles one way just to get that.
    It is really making me angry. Should I outright ask the doc for a vicodin?
    Help a person out here ok
  2. gasolo

    gasolo New Member

    Hi Hensue,

    A very difficult subject. In my practice I only deal with acute surgical pain. If treated properly, people don't become addicted and stop on their own accord when the acute process subsides. Everyones pain threshold is different and requires a tailored approach.

    Chronic pain is a different animal. I usually refer these type of patients to a pain specialist. Again, not all pain specialist are the same.

    I strongly suggest you have a honest conversation with your doctor, and if there is no meeting of the minds then seek out a new physician.

  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My daughter is a family practice physician. She is very strict about prescribing pain meds. In fact, her policy is that she does NOT prescribe them. She says only on a very limited basis. If she has someone who she feels needs them short term, she will, then if they need more, she forwards them on to a pain clinic.

    She has had so many who just make an appointment, and their first statement is about their pain and how badly they need them (while they are holding their backs, etc.), then when she tells them she does not do the pain pill thing, they hop off the table OK, and walk out! She says she can always spot the pill seekers.

    But, we live in what the news media has dubbed as drug valley. It's Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. There have been more prescription pill overdoses/deaths in this area of the US than any other. We have had numerous "pill mills" here shut down and their doctors/owners are currently in prison for a long time.

    There is currently a show called "Vanguard" on Current TV (a cable channel). I don't know why it's called Vanguard when you look at the TV Guide menu, when the name of the hour-long program is called "The Oxycontin Express". The Oxycontin Express is the airplane ride from a large city in WV to Florida. In Broward (?sp) County FL there are tons of pain clinics that hand out the Oxys, Somas, Xanaxs, etc. by the bottles. It's on a cash basis only. You pay them cash for them to do an MRI to find a problem, then cash for the stash of pills. People galore from this 3-state region take this super cheap airplane ride to Florida to get their pills and then return home. When they get home, they keep half the pills and give their dealer the other half. The dealers are the ones who fund the trips to FL.

    The police and drug task forces are cracking down on everyone involved in the FL drug trips.

    Because of all of this, you can not find a doctor in this area who will give you a pain pill unless they have been treating you for years and know for certain that you have a legit pain issue. Then, you still must pass their drug tests and have surprise spot drug tests during your monthly visits or every 3-mos. visit.

    Last year, I had a total knee replacement. Major, major, surgery. Extremely painful surgery. You are only in the hospital for 4 days and on a morphine IV push-button, then released with 30 Lortabs. That's it. Doctors and hospitals here are terrified of being busted for giving too much pain meds.

    I know a lady who was in her late 80's and had multiple back fractures due to osteoporosis and in terrible pain. She mentioned bad pain every time she went to the ER when she fell, etc., and her medical hospital file labeled her as a pain seeker!!!!

    So, if you live in this area, you just tough it. I treat my fibro pain with Cymbalta, Neurotin, and Zanaflex. I use both ice packs as well as heating pads. I use my heating lot!!

    Just be careful how you request Vicodin from your doc.
  4. sportsmom628

    sportsmom628 New Member


    See this is what makes me so angry as my Doc put it, it is unfortunate for us that truly are in pain that we get screwed because of all the drug seekers! Your daughter sounds like a good doctor. Oh and cash basis only pain clinic hello (lightbulb up there) now the gov. should be doind something about theses places!
    My docs office now has to do random drug testing on all of us patients on drugs meds every 2-3 months to make sure we are taking them and what not. He sayss to me Gina it is just to cover our Butts, I really don't care about your results because I know you and I know you are in so much pain. But he says to me of course we have the patients that either abuse the drugs or sell them so those are the ones we have to watch out for and weed out!

  5. hensue

    hensue New Member

    What is Norco? I appreciate everyone else who is answering. I live right about 30 miles north of Florida. Please elaborate

  6. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Norco is a combo of Hydrocodone and Acetominophen.

    Norco 10/325 is a pill containing 10mg Hydro and 325mg Aceto. The Hydrocodone is the drug also foung in Vicodin and also under some other names. That is the opiate/narcotic med which treats pain.

    I think I tried to explain this in your Pain Med thread. There are so many different combos and different names of pain meds that it gets very confusing. :)
  7. JLH

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    I agree, and it makes me angry that the pill seekers and addicts have ruined it for the people who truly need pain medication. The state that I live in has a narcotic prescription tracking system whereby every prescription filled, at no matter what pharmacy, is recorded on a computer system that can be accessed by all pharmacies. If you fill one script and try to fill another narcotic script within a 30 day time frame, it sets off a red flag to the pharmacist and you may not get your script filled. I have been in our local pharmacy when they have called the police before he notifies the person trying to fill the script, then that person has to deal with the police and why they are trying to get that script filled.

    It is a real hassle. My rheumy will give me Lortab because he knows why shape I am in. I have many, many health problems (all listed in my profile). But, my last Rheumy would not. I have such a messed up back that I can not stand up for longer than 5 minutes and I can't walk much either, maybe from one room in my house to another, then I have to quickly sit down. My back is what has me in a wheelchair. I try to limit my Lortabs to only one a day, and rely on my meds for nerve pain--such as Neurotin and Cymbalta. I take Zanaflex at bedtime which helps relax my muscles to sleep.

    On all of the pill mills in FL that I was telling you about .... that television show stated that FL officials have been getting a lot of flack over these pill mills and that they were in the process of setting up a state-wide prescription drug computer tracking system like my state has so that they can catch the docs and the patients getting the drugs from them.

    My doc also does the drug testing and you have to sign a contract stating that you will not get any narcotics from any other doc and if you violate the contract, you are dismissed from his practice. He does this to cover his butt, like your doc told you. Like he told you, they (the docs) can easily spot the patients who abuse them and those are the ones they won't prescribe any to.

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