Gas and blelching... Please respond..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MssDarla, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    I am so emabarrassed. I have alot of air in my stomach at all times.

    Does anyone have this problem.

    I already take gas-x

    So embarrassed about farting in front of hubby and I can't leave the rest to do it.

    Happens when I laugh or cough. Don't even know its comming.

    Please be honest and tell me if you go thru this too???
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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have IBS and have suffered this gassy problem for years. Have you changed your diet? Do you eat sugar free foods? The sugar free food will make me pass gas within minutes of eating it,.

    Keep a food diary and see what triggers it. I have heard Beano helps but have never tried it.

    I wish I had better answers for you, I just wanted you to know you are not alone. Sometimes I get it so bad that it goes under my ribs and in my back. I have to move twist and turn and actually beat myself until the gas moves.

    Hang in there - Carla
  3. Terry383

    Terry383 New Member

    I finally figured out why I had it.

    Quit eating any dairy foods, yogurt, sour cream, any cheese whatsoever, ice cream, milk, cream or whipped cream, anything made with dairy. Soon as I did the gas went away.

    Now if I dare have a small piece of cheesecake, it comes right back for about 24 hours.

    Might be that, or maybe some ofter foods that you are not able to digest properly.
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  4. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    ouch- thanks for your honesty

    I am going thru the same thing, I was hoping for some info to show him I can't help it.

    I will watch out for the wrong foods too thanks.
  5. matn

    matn New Member

    Your body is trying to tell you that it cannot process what you are eating. Try going free of gluten, dairy and soy along with anything processed. The microorganisms in your digestive tract are not imbalance, so the side reaction is gas production. This is an indicator to change what you are eating right away before it develops into something much worse. These products are only band aids with a quick fix (not long term) and you may develop reactions to them as well. Please visit my profile and past postings for more. I am one of the few who has completely recovered, but I have to work at it every day.

    Good luck!


  6. MssDarla

    MssDarla New Member

    I don't drink milk often.

    I think its the diet coke.

    I do drink more water now. we put a water cooler in my bedroom ,,lol
    Less coffee

    hmm I still eat cheese but doing this watch the foods is tough for me. I suck at it

    my stomach is alway upset about something
    I no longer socialize either or go anywhere except appointments

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