Gas in So. Cal.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaminhealth, Oct 7, 2012.

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    thru the roof...yes, it's happening, big time manipulation by the oil companies, while they rake in mega profits...our local gas here is approaching $5 gal and in some areas it's over that. I need gas very soon and dreading it....Some of the excuses we're hearing a refinery is done, and repairs going on and a person yesterday said Costco is out of gas....

    Sorry, I can't believe all their lies...

    Then today, I hear about this new documentary: We're Not Broke, worth checking out about the corporations and greed that is never ending....
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    You see the computer news article yesterday? Said gas prices were at an all
    time high in CA. But they were actually higher in 2008. I remember paying over
    $5 a gallon.

    And in 1972 folks had to wait in line to buy gas. Lines of cars that were blocks
    long. A couple times I had to wait an hour. And you were only allowed to buy
    gas on alternate days. I couldn't go to work one day.

    Gordon's commute is about 60 miles per day. And some of his co workers drive
    even farther. Remember the old movie "Good News" with June Allyson and
    Peter Lawford? Like "Grease" it had a great dance scene in the gym. Anyhoo,
    we could sure use some good news now.

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    here on Westside prices were in the lower $4's per gallon as I remember this was one reason I quit my gym as I didn't want to drive to marina del rey due to gas prices...never saw the $5 price, maybe in brentwood at one 76 station that's always HIGH....

    Just heard Jerry Brown is to release the new winter oil into the pumps which usually doesn't come out until end of help ease the "gas pains"...

    Sure feel sorry for those with long commutes and there are many here in so cal who do that..... jam

    Oh yes, I remember 1972 all too well, that was manipulated too. I was working in Bev Hills and our boss was "paying" our garage attendant to give us gas...he was a ruthless boss all in all....but we got gas as we were in sales and on the road.... What do they say, money talks...I'm reflecting on my old life... [This Message was Edited on 10/07/2012]
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    is now doing an investigation!!!!!!!!!!!!! She must have gotten plenty of calls from CA citizens on this massacre....I know David Cruz who I listen to on my talk radio was calling her from the station last Friday, had to call D.C....and, of course got a message as it was late in D.C. by then....

    Where is Yolo? A 1/2 tank lasts me a couple weeks and when I get to half way, I like to fill up, the EQ thing is always in my mind,,,,if we have to get away!!! jam
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    this stock market "rally" was only happening in CA...AZ too. Just heard a whole segment on Cruz talk radio on this subject...we are getting royally S................ jam

    Yolo, I live in San Jose for 5 yrs, that's Santa Clara Cty as I recall my geography....Gorgous country up there but I was COLD...... take care...
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    different blends for cold and warm weather, I guess....

    The thing is people are talking about these high prices and the oil industry has people getting "used" to them and when they come down a little, they say that's great...but forget how out of sight high they are/were.....

    The oil companies making huge profits and the govt subsides them too....

    I suppose if people had "SMALL" autos like in europe it would easier to swallow....not the case in the U.S.
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    and noted 3 prices: $5.19, $4.85, $4.75......

    Didn't buy any but need to soon....
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    yesterday, got $20's all profit taking, I don't care what they say.

    Pity the souls driving 100's miles per day for their jobs.

    When I pulled up to get my gas yesterday, the person before me registered $66 on the gas tank. [This Message was Edited on 10/14/2012]