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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    o.k. I know this isn"t a pleasent subject ,but I get gas traps in my sides,just above my waist and it drives me nuts,I"ve taken all kinds of otc gas remedies and nothing makes it move it drives me crazy.
    does anyone have any suggestion for this problem.
    thanks sixtyslady
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    Well, I dont know how well this actually works but when my dad was in the hospital after having surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm his intestines kinda decided they didnt really want to work well for a while. He would get really painful gas pains. Considering he was cut from stem to stern that hurt!

    The nurses told us to give him sips of hot water to help move things along.

    I have tried this several times myself like after my hysterectomy and I dont know if it was the placebo effect or what but it did seem to help me somewhat.

  3. Line

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    I am in your gas club also, it is pushing up in under my ribs so bad I do not know how to sit. I have been trying otc and nothing seems to help. Moves the gas down lower but than it comes back in under the ribs.

    I just read an article about natural remedies for gas.

    vinegar and honey, yuck
    a few almonds
    warm water
    baking soda water

    There were a few more but cannot remember what they were. Seems like no matter what I eat I have more gas.

    Hugs, Linda
  4. Kryssie

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    I have gotten those and they have brought me to tears before!

    I figured out what was causing them (chinese mustard) and stopped eating it lol.
  5. sixtyslady

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    man I spent a good part of the day in misery.
    finally I used my theracane and started to hit tender spots and it did help quite abit.
    its still there but not near as bad.
    but I"m going to try the warm water also.
    have a good one and thanks. sixtyslady
  6. it is miserable. I know lay on your right side helps a bit. I take a couple tums or maalox helps a bit. It isn't a laughing matter believe me, it can be painful.
  7. Joyce1

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    I've had very painful gas sometimes-past my pain tolerance. Recently , a doctor recommended activated charcoal. It really seems to help, knock on wood.

    Take it two hours away from meds so that it won't effect adsorption.