Gastric by-pass Surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by roxesma, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. roxesma

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    My back surgeon and my family Doc have been urging me to lose weight and finally refered me to Bariatric Center. I have Fibro,Hypoglycemia, and my twobottom discs in lower back have been fused together. Am a pretty sick puppy!!
    My question is.. how many of you have had this surgery with these types of illnesses? How hard was it on you afterward? Am so afraid of an all out fibro flare. But, i know i can't lose this weight on my own and it will slowly cripple me.
    i am 5 ft 3 in and weigh 229 lbs. I have never weighed more than 145 lbs in my life and I was 9 months pregnant then! So, I know the surgery is a must. Guess i am just looking for some reassurance from those who have had the surgery.

    Now, must jump through hoops to try and get insurance to pay!!

    Thanks, tinaeve
  2. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Are you positive you can't lose some weight on your own? You are not what I'd call that over weight to do something as drastic a bypass surgery. Believe me a good diet and a little more excercise beats the heck out of surgery. I would not do it at your weight. No way! That is just my opinion, but I wouldn't do it! No is not a must! Think hard on this please.

  3. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    did you ever concider the lap band instead?(its a band that goes around upper part of stomach to make you eat less) it is less invasive and out patent surgery i would reccomend that over cutting also many people struggle with mal nutrition afterwards and become very anemic they end up with iron or blood transfusions for life i would think twice hugs charlene
  4. roxesma

    roxesma New Member

    Thanks guys for your thoughts. i am thinking very carefully about this. Doing lots of research and such.
  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    There is a new thing now better even then the lap band and it is non-evasive. They put you out and install this down through your esophagus and stomach. There is no cutting involved.
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  6. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    one more thing you can try is eating out of very small bowls and plates something around a half of cup then if you have seconds it is not a big deal i lost 70lbs 15yrs ago and still eat like that today good luck charlene
  7. PVLady

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    How about the lap band instead. It can be reversed if necessary and I have heard it is less dangerous. Yes, gastric bypass is one solution but please read all the side effects. It can also kill you. I know you have to do something, so check the lap band also.

    Read as much as possible before doing this. Is diet just out? I know it is not easy, believe me.

    Even a liquid meal replacment diet might be better just to get the weight off. I also everyone says you put the weight back on, but it you were under the guidance of a good nutritionist, you would probably be ok. Why don't you ask for a prescription to see a nutritionist and talk to her first.

    I am just afraid because I have known people really suffer.
  8. celeste1226

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    Hi roxesma,
    You sound so much like me. I had a gastric bypass aug 2001. I do not regret it at all. I was 5ft 2 inches weighing 235 lbs. had back problems knee problems etc. I am now 150lbs and have maintained my weight. I have had no problems. with mal absorption or anemia. I do take vitamins daily and b12 for energy. I was diagnosed with fibro in aug 2008 after my 2nd knee surgery. the knee problems came from a fall in 2005. I have degenerative disc disease which improved after the weight loss. but with the fibro the pain is back. I would recommend it. But please do your research. you do have to change your eating habits and make sure you eat right. I know many people who have had the surgery and gained the weight back after a year or so. i also know people who have had the lap band and had alot of problems with nausea vomiting not being able to eat anything and gotten alot sicker than bypass patients. so please do your research and if you have any questions please let me know.

  9. I realize, at your weight, you must feel like you don't "have a "long time"... but, it is ALWAYS wise..

    and, of course, should you choose this surgery (I agree with others, that would rather a nutritionist... try several, if you don't agree, etc! or, a better 'last resort', the lap band, maybe?

    Carnie Wilson, of course, is the most well-known, celeb, for having had that surgery... and then- there she was on celebrity FIT CLUB, 2(?) years ago...

    She has also been very open about the dangers, and how much she weighed her options, but, again... she was nearly 400lbs, I believe, when she had it done, (I know she was wayyy over 300).. and for her, it WAS a "NOW or NEVER" situation.. as in, if she did not have it, she may not live much longer, or, if she continued the weight gain- she would not be a candidate for the surgery, due to the increased risks..

    I've seen several shows on this too, on TLC, etc... where some people's doctors have* insisted they lose weight FIRST before they would even do their surgeries.. (which, I always wondered, WHY do the surgery, if the person had already shown they could fight like HE**, and lose 60+ lbs... also wondered HOW IN THE WORLD these people's insurance, (assuming most did!) covered the surgery, if they knew these people had lost weight first for it..

    Anyhow, you are definitely not in that category... I know most doctors say that they, would not be able to look themselves in the eye, if they did these surgeries, just 'willy-nilly' as *some* surgeons do, (just for the $$$) some of these surgeons say,,,

    They only even *consider* it, if the person is AT LEAST 100lbs overweight.

    I was amazed to learn Sharon Osborn had had surgery (*may* have been lap-band, not sure) when she was *90*lbs overweight.

    She does look great now, but...

    Back to Carnie Wilson, she holds no punches.. she tells of how horrid it was for her at times, for the first 1-2 years* afterwards, of the terrible vomiting, people develop "dumping" syndrome... where... well, it IS what it sounds like... due to a smaller area, from the stomach-- to the... 'hiney'... food... "goes right through you".

    She said for a LONG time afterwards, she was terrified to go OUT to eat, with her husband, friends, etc.. due to getting so sick while still adjusting, learning to limit her intake, and just her body readjusting...etc

    I do hope & pray you can find another way...

    I notice so far, the one person who HAS had this surgery that has responded, had it 7 years, before her FM diagnosis..

    The dr's worry enough about infections, in *otherwise* 'healthy' but, (usually*) 'morbidly' obese patients (again- not you), so, the effects on an already sick body- god only knows..

    I wish you the best, and hope you will keeeeeppp researching,

    Good Luck,


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