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    I have posted for over a year on the depression and chit chat board. I am so excited that there is now a place to discuss weight loss issues.

    I have gastric bypass surgery at 265 lbs in Jan 2003. I was downsized from my job in Aug 2003 and had dropped approximately 35 lbs. Through out the next 2 years, I lost a total of 125 lbs.

    Then my life sort of unraveled with stress and finances. Since Jan 2006, I have gained back 35 lbs. And I don't feel it's going to stop.

    I don't exercise, I drink too much Pepsi but I do try to eat healthier.

    Has anyone else had surgical weight loss success and then find it creeping back on? How can it be controlled? Why am I letting it happen? I feel as fat and ugly and uncomfortable now as I did when I went in for the surgery.

    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. stick2013

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    I have never had a gastric bypass, but I do know how it is to struggle with weight. I have been 201, and down as low as 109lbs. I have an eating disorder, and I love food!!!!!

    I think for you that giving up the Pspsi would be a great idea. That stuff is just colored sugar water IMO!!!! Can you walk???? W alking is great exercise if you can.

    I have a Treadmill and an eliptical machine at home plus tons of videos and I took the summer off from exercise. I have gained 10 lbs. I feel like crud because of it, plus I am having health issue.

    I wish that a bunch of us here could start to get healthy and encourage each other to do whatever we can, and to swap health, low cal food options....

    My downfall...Chocolate!!!!!!!!
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    Chocolate and Pepsi. Take them away and I will die. And I know both of them are so bad for weight control. I have a lot of success limiting my Pepsi's to two a day. Chocolate is less often because I don't always have it in the house. My b/f drinks Pepsi...

    I also know walking is some of the best therapy and exercise there is. I know Sam (my dog) would love to go out every day but I just can't drag my hiney off the sofa or out from in front of the computer.

    I think once word gets out about this board, we will have some action! I know on the Depression board, there was a thread about success stories. Maybe we need to make a post on Depression letting them know the good news!

  4. stick2013

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    I really hope that a bunch of people join. I really need encouragement to get going again....I did workout everyday for almost 2 years and felt great. Then I took this summer off...Oh Yeah it's now fall!!!!! I still haven't hit the treadmill either..UGH!!!!!!!!

    I don't have chocolate in the house either. If I buy it, it never makes it home anyway, I eat it leaving the store...LOL!!!!!!

    I'm glad I don't drink soda anymore either.

    Ok...I am going to promise that tomorrow morning I am going to walk on the treamill for at least 15 minutes. if I do it fast enough that's a mile....OH GOD I must be NUTS!!!!! oh yeah I am....LOL!!!!!
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    I don't know a great deal about gastric, but thanks for getting the ball rolling with this board. I'm new to this site. I have health issues but I think this board is one of the most important. I've suffered with my weight most of my life. I've tried about every diet out there. I think the majority of my problems are due to my weight. I finally got down to a reasonable weight about 5 years ago. I quit smoking and gained about 70 pounds. I keep telling myself that I know I would be healthier if I got the weight off so I'm all for encouragement, to give and receive it. I think I'll take the first step tomorrow and eat as healthy as I can. Set a reasonable goal for a month, I've found that if I set long term goals, I never reach them. It's easier for me to focus on a short period of time to make an accomplishment than to set my self up to make a big accomplishment over a long period,,I get burned out. I've also found that if I try a different program/diet each week, I can stick to it much easier. I get bored quickly so I have to try something new often enough to keep it exciting and interesting. Weight watchers is a good program. I have the literature, it's pretty easy to follow. So I guess there's where I'll begin tomorrow. I'd just like to feel better, mentally and physically.
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    Hi there thanks so much for starting this thread i am interested in the gastric band operation myself as i am fed up with being over weight all the time nothing i do seems to shift the weight any more for me i just want to be healthier and be able to get my knees replaced so i can walk again without pain many thanks again i will keep alook out here to see whats happening
  7. louiesgirl2

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    Hi there,

    I had RuNY in 1999 I was 306 lost 150 in 8 months. Today I weigh 216 and feel awful. I have had so many side effects from the surgery that if I had to do it over again knowing what I know now, I would not do it. On top of that it is possible that my Fibromyalgia kicked into gear because of that surgery.

    If anyone asks me I am quite honest about how I feel. I only feel now that if your weight has gotten out of control and your life is threatned by overweight, then have the surgery.

    Just my thoughts
  8. celeste1226

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    Hello all

    I had a gastric bypass- RuNY- Aug 2001. I weighed 235 i lost 100 lbs. I maintained my weight between 135 and 145 for over 5 years. Then the last year and a half I started to slowly gain weight. In Aug of this year I was at 165. Mainly because I have had 2 knee surgeries 1st in april 2007 then again april 2008. I was getting careless with my eating and drinking sodas again and eating alot of chips and cookies while i sat in front of the TV. Oh yeah and top ramen soups everynight then went to sleep. Well then FM kicked in so it made it harder to get around. I started to graze all day. just eating and eating. I stopped drinking as much water as I used to and started on those darn carbs. I would crave them. Well I finally put a stop to it all. I went on a 7 day liquid diet. Only water and protein shakes. and the first 2 days were horrible but i stuck with it. I did lose about 5 pounds. but it help detox my system so I was not craving the sweets and carbs anymore. And now I am back on track. I guess all these meds I am taking helped me out also. Once the doc put me on Cymbalta for the FM I have dropped 14 lbs since aug. I am down to 148. I only have a few more pounds to go to be at my goal weight. And even with the health problems I have if I had the option to do it all over again I would in a heart beat. I have no regrets. I had a tummy tuck and breast implants in 2004.

    Good luck to you on losing the weight. Remember the surgery is only a tool. The work on keeping off the weight is still up to us. Try slowly cutting back on the soda until you eventually leave it. Start drinking water again the crystal lights and diet, no sugar beverages, cut out most of your carbs, do more veggies, proteing, etc.. you know the drill. But it will help. I would suggest doing it now before it gets out of hand.
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    I am sorry that I started this thread and haven't been back to take part in it.

    I weighted 265 lbs in Jan, 2003 when I had my RuNY surgery. Surgery and recovery was a breeze! Within a year, I was down to 155 lbs and felt and looked great!

    Then in October 2005, I had an emotional break down that threw my life into a living hell. That is when the weight starting slipping back on. Today I weigh 175 lbs. So that is really only 20 lbs that I put back on in 3 yrs. But it is like another failure in my life. I feel fat and ugly again. I know that watching what I eat and drink and start moving move is mostly what I need.

    But I can't get past the fact that I not only didn't reach my goal weight, I added weight to my lowest point.

    I know the surgery isn't meant to resolve the emotional and mental issues that being obese causes. I have worked with doctors and take anti depression meds, but that dark cloud has such a tight grip on me, I don't know if there will ever be a release from it... the depression or the weight.

    I don't know if this makes any sense, but right now, it's the best I can express.

  10. Engel

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    It has totally changed my life in just 6 months. I will never allow myself to get heavy ever again. NO WAY!!!!!!
  11. budmickl

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    I so agree that the surgery changed my life and for the better! I'm so glad you have had the same success I have!

  12. budmickl

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    I have tried Chromium Picolinate and for me, I couldn't tell any difference my my craving for carbs. Unfortunately for me, I think it will be the tough way to kick the habit - will power, which I solely lack!

  13. budmickl

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    I read your posts here, on the depression board and the FM board. I so wish I had your discipline regarding not putting poison in our bodies and using positive supplements.

    I know how bad Pepsi is for me. In my job training (school nutrition), they had vials of sugar that represented various foods and drinks. I was appalled! Not that I didn't know it was all sugar, but to see the white stuff in a tube put a new light on the amount. I try to limit myself to one soda a day. Then I drink sweet tea. If I'm out, I use artificial sweeteners; if I am home, the jug is made with 1/2 cup sugar to 1/2 gallon tea. Still a lot of sugar, but I don't drink the whole 1/2 gallon in a day.

    I so wish I could also cut out the rice/pasta/breads, etc. Common sense tells us that they aren't good for our bodies. If I had someone that would make fresh fruit and veggies for me all the time, I'd never eat carbs~ because not only do I not have any willpower, I am lazy. But I have cut back dramatically over the 5 1/2 yrs since my surgery.