Gastric Reflux (G.E.R.D.) & meds that TURN OFF Acid Production

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    Anybody out there have any information on long-term effects of taking medications like "Protonix" or "Prevacid"? These are EXCELLENT medications if they are the ONLY answer for persons who suffer from a very relaxed pyeloric valve that doesn't close off stomach contents properly, allowing food, liquids, along with harmful hydrochloric acid & corrosive gastric juices to escape backwards into the esophagus.

    My husband had a complication after surgery last year, when he was FED "regular diet" much too quickly! (He asked for, and got, a big bowl of soup, and 2 cups of ice cream, right in the RECOVERY ROOM!!) His surgeon's orders said "regular diet", and the nurses did not bother to question, but instead, allowed the doctor's erroneous feeding order to be carried out. (My husband had 1/2 a lung removed, and during surgery, he had an airway inserted for closing off the bad lung, and irritation & stretching, if nothing else, would have perhaps caused him to choke, so I had misgivings from the very first). He was fed regular diet (cafeteria food) in the SICU during next 16 hrs, then 2 more days on the FLOOR!! He developed a paralyzed colon, and vomited over 1 gallon of material on 3rd day, and choked on it! He inhaled a lung full of acids & materials from stomach into the GOOD LUNG and got aspiration pneumonia and nearly died, since he developed A.R.D.S. and a staph infection that would not respond to antibiotics. He had so many tubes down his throat for so very long, (ventilator, suction, feeding tube, etc, etc.) that when he finally turned the corner and didn't die, he spent 2 months relearning how to swallow!

    Of course, the pyeloric valve was permanently stretched, and now that he has recovered, and is 100% free of Cancer, after 1 yr, he still suffers from painful reflux and inflammation of esophagus. Dr. gave him Protonix, and that turns off the creation of stomach acids. His problem is not overproduction of acid, it's just that it escapes! I worry that the lack of proper digestive acids & enzymes intermixed in the digestive process will impact his nutrition and also, impact his immune system, allowing a recurrence of the cancer! I urge him to take Woebenzyme, at least, but he is stubborn and will only take orders from a doctor, and then, grudgingly! HELP! Is there simple laporascopic surgery to repair the pyeloric valve? He has begun to gain a lot of weight around the middle (he'd always been a wiry tennis player, NEVER HAD an ounce of fat on him). He's very unhappy with his appearance, but I don't care if he gets fat, as long as he sticks around for a while longer and stays cancer free! I think he needs optimum nutrition for good immune function to manufacture good "killer cells" to stay CA-free, but with this medication changing the way his body utilizes food, I am afraid for his outlook. Anybody have similar experience? What happens to our food when we do not digest it with the proper enzymes and acids? We NEED our STOMACH ACIDS in some quantity! Any advice or commiseration? If you are a professional (Dr, Nurse) please state, because he will NOT listen to a lay person who has good common sense (like me).
    Thanks! Janice
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    JimWitt ooooooohhhhh what a problem and and awful experience you have been through. There are a certain % of us
    that will never come off of our meds such as prilosec. Smetimes elevatimg the hed of the bed 6 t0 8 inched for sleep can make a big difference. I am a nurse have taken care of these patients and deal with it myself// The fall is a bad time when it flares up. I am sure you have been instructed on foods to stayaway from not usuing double
    pillows to sleeo on etc. There are procedures to tigheten the spincter to tightn the opeming at the esopohahpus speek to your doc about it. research it. Good luck
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    Hi Janice,

    I wanted to add that I use to work for an Ear, Nose and Throat Group. I have gone through several different types of medications to help with reflux. I then went to the Gastro Doctor and I am now taking Zantac 300mg two times a day. The doctor told me that if needed from time to time to take a total of 900mg was ok, just don't abuse it. The Zantac like other medications will obsorb the good bacteria out of the stomach. So be careful not to over medicate. Zantac does have a generic call Ranitidine. Which is ALOT cheaper. I pay $11 with the help of my insurance.

    I also have to constantly monitor what I eat. Eliminating anything with citric acid, caffiene, and so on. It helps.

    I hope this information will give you both more insight.

    Have a nice day! KEEP SMILING!

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    My husband's doc just renewed his prescription for Nexium indefinitely. He has a very large hiatus hernia and has to deal with acid reflux every night and has had to for 25 years. He just had his endoscopy and the only thing he had was some inflamation in his esophagus but the Nexium had kept his stomach and duodenum clean as a babie's. So I'd say that relief is a nice thing and being able to sleep at night out ways any chanse of a long term problem, especially if since he is a cancer survivor....