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  1. Hello all

    For a few months now I've been suffering from what doc describes as 'post viral symptoms', which is he says basically (yet) another name for CFS/ME/CFIDS. I wanted to see if anyone else has experiences they can share to put my mind at rest - I can't stop worrying about this.

    Started out with flu like symptoms and sickness about 6 months ago; lost a bit of weight over a couple of months. Tirednes/aches and pains developed. Sickness better now and put back on some of the weight (8-10 lbs back on of the 14-16 lbs I lost cause I couldn't eat when I was sick). Since then, still symptoms of tiredness, aches/pains esp in legs and general lethargy/stiffness, discomfort/soreness/gas (belching) in stomach.

    All blood work at time when this began ok (no anemia or inflamation), physical exam of stomach ok. Also been to gastro doc since, bowel endoscopy = okay; all blood work okay(live/kidney function okay, celiac -ve, inflamation -ve, anemia -ve, helicobactor p -ve). Says no need for further exam/tests.

    Stomach is the main concearn. Docs seems to focus on bowel and not upper gastro. Getting lots of gas and belching. Also a mild soreness/discomfort just between by ribs above navel. Burning/knawing soreness like I'm hungry and sometimes food sorts this short term but then get indigestion 1-2 hrs later. Sometimes when I swallow my food, I can feel it "squeezing" through a little in this same area where I get the soreness (just between by ribs above navel). Feels like when you swallow a pil without water, if you know what I mean. Gastro docs put it down to IBS/Nonulcer dispepsyia and say weight loss then regain + all blood norm means it isn't a *disease* (remember some of them don't classify CFS et al as a disease). Primary doc says same and it's PVFS=CFS et al.

    Does anyone else have similar gastro problems/general problems? If so please reply, I'll be grateful for all responses.
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    Welcome to the board, - you picked a good name, It`s taken me months to work out just what goes wrong and hope I can help a little.

    It sounds to me you could have several things going on right now.

    1. Candida
    2. A viral/bacterial infection
    3. Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Rather than going into long tedious explanation I have pasted an article to help you have a better understanding.

    Here it is:-

    Leaky gut is an ailment which allows partially digested foods, toxins and bad bacteria to percolate though the small intestine and into the blood stream, contributing to a large number of serious ailments ranging from lupus, candida and arthritis to all sorts of food and other allergies. Its causes and how to heal the leaky gut and Candida are explored on this page.

    Leaky Gut - the name is enough to disgust you. But pay attention! Experts are beginning to believe that this ailment is more common than has been thought, and that is can be the cause of many diseases ranging from allergies to lupus, Candida, Arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and even Crohn's disease could be linked to leaky gut syndrome.

    What is leaky gut ?
    After passing through the stomach, whatever we eat passes into the small intestine which is designed to allow nutrients to be absorbed from the food and into the blood stream. The mucus lining of the intestine consists of helpful bacterial and good yeasts which break down the food into substances which are beneficially used by the body. When the composition of this lining is disturbed, the intestine walls can be damaged, and become porous - allowing unwanted substances to penetrate the lining and into the bloodstream.
    The body becomes overwhelmed by this flood of foreign substances, and reacts by producing antibodies and resultant inflammation to joints and circulatory systems, allergic reactions and even mood swings.

    What causes leaky gut ?
    A large number of factors are thought to be the villains, including:

    Overuse of antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc)

    Poor diet - high in refined foods and sugars and nutritional deficiencies

    Incomplete digestion

    Heightened exposure to environmental toxins


    Parasitic infestations

    What are the symptoms?
    These are wide ranging, and include:

    Candidiasis, when "bad" yeast takes over the intestines and other parts of the body such as the vagina. In some instances, candida can even invade the brain.

    Allergies - food, airborne, environmental, skin

    A weakened immune system with all the problems that can follow

    Chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome

    Auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, CFS and lupus.

    What steps are necessary to repair leaky gut?
    These include:

    Removing the candida yeast and its roots which penetrate the mucous lining

    Flush any parasites out of the gut, both microscopic and visible

    Cleanse the gut of toxins

    Keep away from the non-food foods: sugars, refined carbohydrates, coffee, fatty foods.

    Enhance the flow of digestive secretions such as HCl and pancreatic enzymes.

    Provide proper nutrition to the body with Greens +

    Include the right supplements in this diet: zinc, anti-oxidants, L-glutamine, insulin stimulators, garlic, barberry, pau de arco, oragano, and healthy living flora in bio-yogurt etc.

    Drink only purified water and lots of it!

    All of these steps require conscious life style changes which may seem difficult to take. However, the implications of leaky gut syndrome on the body's general health are serious, and orthodox medicine has no quick fixes - the antibiotics that might be prescribed are only going to exacerbate the problem. Most Physicians deny it very existence, because the pharmaceutical industry has no drugs to counteract it.

    d-Lenolate Olive leaf extract is highly effective in killing off candida and parasites, as well as the bad bacteria in the body.

    Note from Pat.

    You need to eat fresh garlic and onions in with your food every day, or you could take Olive Leaf Extract capsules.( You must read up on this product first.)
    I can post the article on OLE for you if interested.

    Have plant based Digestive Enzyme tablets just before every meal.

    Take a good quality Pro-biotic or Acidophillus capsules between meals.

    This regime will help sort you out before matters get worse.
    Please ask anytime if you need any info.

    Love Pat.

  3. thx for the suggestion on the title. I agree with you, there's loads of useful info help here from other people on the boards.
  4. Hi Pat thanks for the LGS stuff - this looks really useful. I saw you other post as well. I'll take a look into this - hopefully can make some progress with it.

    Thanks again.
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    Do you also have a catarrh problem?

    If so, just been reading the article again and it`s essential to have MSM (Methyl Sulfonal Methane) whatever that is... as well as treating the Candida.

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    I would see a good allergist, one who also does testing for candida, food allergies & sensitivities, metals toxicity, etc. As one who IS recovering from leaky gut stuff, I am glad I had complete testing by my allergist/immunologist. I found out I do NOT have candida (and my allergist is well-known & respected in his thorough testing for this & other things), but DO have some metals toxicity & many food allergies. He put me on a diet tailored for MY specific issues, & supplements in amounts tailored for what I need. Otherwise you are just guessing, and make take more than you need of some things, not near enough of others.....supplements are very expensive, unfortunately, so you want to be buying wisely.

    Good luck---BTW, all my testing was covered by insurance except metals (I think it was about $42).

    Good luck, hope you feel better!!

  7. Well I wouldn't describe it necessarily as a problem, but for many years, I've had catarrh on the back of my throat pretty much all the time. It's just where your "swallowing muscles" are and I can put my tongue backwards and feel/taste it.

    Do you have details of where you sourced this article?