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  1. I finally got a diagnosis and I have to admit this is the worst thing I ever had. OMG! The pain, SEVERE bloating, nausea, constipation. I was given Zelnorm but sometimes it does not work. I was miserable last night. I think this is a cruel joke played on me since I am overweight telling me not to eat. Can anyone tell me what helps? I try to eat less and do . My family dr. said take fiber supplement and OMG I was so much worse. I did take magnesium and it helped, but then spent too much time in the bathroom. what to do , what to do. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Is this a permanent condition?
  2. I think I have had this to a degree for years, they told me it was IBS. Now my stomach has quit emptying altogether . The worse is at night, I have such pain and have trouble sleeping. I swear its one thing after another. I wonder if this is related anyhow to Fibro since it involves the muscles, nerves?
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    I have never been tested for gastroparesis but have chronic constipation with very slow intest. motility.
    I recently started DHEA at a very low dose 5mg and I have resolved my constipation by about 95%. I tried zelnorm and it helped some as well as many fiber combos.
    The DHEA works very well for me, and I only take it every other day. I can eat many more foods now.
    DHEA is an over the counter supplement that can alter hormone levels which may be containdicated for some people. I read that it is not often recommended to individuals under that age of 35 bec. of the hormone factor. I don't know the affects of DHEA with bowel conditions, but I like how it speeds up my intestines. 10mg is to much for me so I stick with 5mg. I hope you find something that works for you and wish you well.
    Someday there will be a more sophisticated way of balancing all hormones in the body which will prevent many problems.
  4. anyone else have any suggestions
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    I am sorry you have to deal with this. It is awful! I believe Wakemeup, gave me the info so I could search and basically, tell the gatro doc, what was wrong with me! She was heaven sent!

    Although I asked for the tests that are recommended, he kept trying to treat IBS, which I do have, to everything else. I FINALLY told him what I had, he ordered the tests, and geez oh pete, I was right!

    I could not take Zelnorm due to bad headaches. I didn't want to try the other meds. He did put me on Glycolax (Mirilax), which is a powder you can add to any beverage, and it has no taste. None! I believe we aren't supposed to take non soluable (sp) fiber, but soluable. Metamucil would be HORRID for me. It made my bowels stop completely. Too much fiber. There are OTC products you can use that are similar. Ask pharmacist for sure.

    I cannot remember it now, but he also gave me an Rx for some tablets and pills I could use when my stomach would spasm. They helped some.

    The doctor wanted me to try and OTC med. It is 'Digestive Advantage IBS'. That and Prilosec helped too. I still take them both, and the IBS am and pm.

    My bloating was horrid. I truly looked like I was 9 months pregnant. My abdomen was very hard. I could not wear my own clothes for 5 months.

    It came to the point that I ate baked chicken breasts and COOKED baby carrots,only. I kept away from veggies with fiber. Any food with startch and no flour products,chips,etc. Absolutely, no dairy for me, either. Cereal still makes my tummy explode. It was limited, but my stomach settled down and the bloat started to disappear. I also lost weight, which was needed! LOL

    While I struggle with it, two years later, it is due to eating a lot of food I shouldn't be eating and if I am truly stressed, I bloat. If I watch the above, I do okay.

    If you type 'gastroparesis' into the search box, on this site, it will pull up posts that deal with this. Also, search the web. There is a special diet they recommend, which you can google.

    If it would keep up, I would suggest being seen by a medically afflitated, or a specialist who deals with this primarily.

    Also, I have take probiotics, and enzymes which have seemed to help. They have great ones from the Prohealth store. Look under digestive. Health Food stores are also very helpful.

    I didn't think it would ever be different, but it is. I just use a very restricted and BLAND diet, if I need to, and it subsides in a few days.

    Bless your heart.... I will be thinking of you.


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    thought you might see this fibrobutterfly. please let us know what you have found out.
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    I've never heard of this before but it's funny I saw it today because I've been so bloated for a couple days. In fact I just ate a bit of fruit an hour ago and feel bloated. But right now I'm not in any pain from it.

    Do you gain weight too? I've gained a couple lbs in as many days although my bowels have moved and I'm not eating as much as usual-not really hungry.

    I already take magnesium for motility but maybe I should increase it.

    Guess I need to do some research.

  8. I had never heard of this either, so far zelnorm isn't really helping. The pain gets horrible, I feel like I have a basketball in my upper abdomen with the bloating. I don't follow up with the dr. until JANUARY but I am going to call if I don't get relief soon. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It wakes me up at night, (the pain)

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