Gathering opinions about best source of Glutathione

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dove1, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. dove1

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    I know many of us are on some sort of glutathione precurser product and different doctors recommend different products. I am taking reduced l-glutathoine, 250 mg per day. What method of glutathoine supplementation has worked best for you? Thanks for your help.
  2. scottabir

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    Immunocal, undenatured whey protein, I feel has the best glutathione. In fact when I first started using it it worked so good that I herxed for a week.

  3. 600

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    I started on GOATEIN protein powder last month. It has whey and or goat"s milk which supplies what is necessary to make the glutathione. I'm super allergic to many supplements,but this in any dosage doesn't bother me at at all. I sometimes use it as a meal replacement. 600
  4. Mikie

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    It is recommended by Dr. Cheney.

    Love, Mikie
  5. annepat

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    I get IV pushes of glutathione/mag/cal/B's and trace minerals. We've customized Dr. David Permutter's protocol. I also do glutathione/ATP injections.

    When I crash, I loose weight, and I have a hard time eating, so I use undenatured whey in shakes thta I mix with a handmixer. They're great w/ricemilk fruit etc., and you can sip small portions of it througout the day. I'm not sure how much glutathione it gives me, but it tastes good!

  6. sb439

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    NAC, Glutamine and Glycine (ideally in relation 4:2:1), these are the amino acids from which the body makes glutathione. It seems that sometimes if you take glutathione directly, your body can't use it, but if you give it the elements from which it is made, it can. I'm also taking immunopro.
  7. PaulMark

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    i like many of you have trouble with stomach gut food allegies other stuff to much to name here

    many times whey protein isolates hurt my stomach, goatein stops up head take lifestar glutathine when can or immunplus but stupid battery mixers i kept buying switches went bad and co. would't replace the junkers

    how do you mix it

    ALSO i though you HAD to take on empty stomach

    I don't know dale howard banned fromthis board for protmoting a probiotic too much

    told me to take b 6 50 mg. l glutamine twin labs 500 mg. and l00 mg vit. empty stomach i think to make the amino acids precusor to glutathiane

    NAC? CHeney told me to NOT TAKE IT a NO NO didn't say why though??

    If you can tolerate the cal's pelx's plus etc are best , i'm not sure my body is breaking down read my post by about Jim Clements of THMI on ATP and raw sweet dairy whey which i do't toelrate well, and if the body will break down whey when very sick like some us sicker ones, i know sometimes i take the cal's plus etex (wheyprotein) and my uppper arms hurt and ofcourse stomach problmes,

    so something ain't right their,

    maybe cause cheney said i lack protein synthesis whatevever the heck fire that means

    good post interesting question. Paul Mark in KY
  8. beckster

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    people are really big on this. It increases glutathione, detoxes the liver, and elevates mood all at once. Paulmark, it can also help protect gastrointestinal mucosa. It is also has analgesic and and anti-inflammatory properties. Most of my info is from an article by two
    M.D.'s in the Dec/Jan 2002 issue of International Journal
    of Integrative Medicine. Widely used in Germany and Europe to treat pain, arthritis, liver disease, and mood problems.
  9. freshair

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    i think that hopewell pharmacy out of new jersey can make the injectable form of glutathione, but you need a script from you doctor.
  10. annepat

    annepat New Member

    Wellness pharmacy carries glutathione.

    College pharmacy in colorado compounds injectable glutathione/ATP. Apothecure also works w/injectable and IV glutathione. I use College-they compound Dr. Salvato's ATP/glutathione injections. They used to publish her study on their website. If you call College (they also have a website), maybe they will send it to you.

    The ATP/glutathione injections work slowly, but they do help.

    Check Dr. David Perlmutter's website for info on IV glutathione.
  11. annepat

    annepat New Member

    Were you herxing from the imunocal?
  12. klutzo

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    Vitamin C is made into Glutathione in your body, so it is the cheapest way to get it. But, some of us cannot tolerate that much acid without getting burning diarreha or urine, and I am one of those, so I take 500 mgs. of Vit. C and 600 mgs. of NAC daily. I also mix a whey drink that has glutathione in it.