Gave Blood Yesterday:Today Feel SO Sick!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Leenerbups, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    Hey all,

    I gave a pint of blood yesterday for surgery I am having next week. While giving it I started feeling weird, like a hollowness in my chest and they had to tilt the chair up. In the "recovery" area, they again had to assist me and lay me down because I felt weak, and that "hollow" feeling.

    ALl last night I was so drained and tired, and today I got up and i still feel unwell.

    What gives??

    They said my iron was 11.8 (normal is 12) and said one pint would not hurt me.
  2. rt6176

    rt6176 New Member

    Thirty years ago was the last time I gave blood.

    I began to feel dizzy and sick. i called for the nurse. I had a dream that I was at the bottom of a deep well. A woman was at the top looking down.

    I saw she mouth moving but heard nothing. She began getting closer. very faintly I heard her calling "Can you hear me?"

    I made it to the top of the well and became aware of my surroundings.

    My body was shacking out of control. There were five nurses massageing my arms and legs and my head and neck trying to restart circulation.

    I my blood pressure dropped and I had gone into shock and had almost died.

    They told me never to give blood again.


  3. Bet2

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    The last time I gave blood that happened to me too. Scared the heck out of me. I couldn't figure out what was going on.

    They have called me several times since then to give blood and I had to ask them to stop calling me because I was afraid to go through that again.

    I agree; I don't think we need to be donating blood, who knows what we have and what we are sending to others, besides the fact that it makes us obviously sick.

    Wow, thanks for this thread; I thought I was just being a baby.

  4. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    Oh my gosh, thank you all for replying because it makes me feel less scared and alone. I went to lie down and just came on again. I have the phone with me because I am feeling so badly I feel like I'm going to faint and may need to call 911.

    Should I go to a hospital or just down these fluids.

    I drank a lot of water yesterday.

    I will never give blood again. :-(
  5. lvjesus

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    when I gave blood and then went to aerobics. I was wiped out before warm ups were over, but that was pre-FM. I have stopped giving as well, because I am afraid of transmitting this DD. The Red Cross says it is okay, but no one really knows enough about this to say for sure.

    I know for a fact it runs in families even though some docs say not. Other people in my family have it and others here have family members who have it.

    Here is a funny happanstance, SEVERAL people at my church have it.

  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member


    You have family members, and several at your very church. GWS victims are coming home and giving it to their families. Ken Lassessen's site (great to look for) tells of his whole family of 4 coming down w/ it. I gave it to my cat, I'm sure now, been hearing jokes about how my cat is just like me for years.

    It makes me mad what the powers that be, who set the guidelines for what doctors and us too, are told about this disease. They are suppressing many, many things.

    I ran into an alarming Cdn. article of someone trying to get the word out. He has proof about the blood volume problem too. Keep you eye out for it, it's long so will go in another thread.

  7. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    Hey all, feeling much better...drinking glass after glass.

    But still not feeling normal.

    I called my boyfriend at work and he has been on the phone with me in case I faint.He is my angel.

    On another note, if anyone is so inclined, could you say a prayer, send energy, a positive thought whatever your belief system out to my boyfriend? he is interviewing at 3 pm for a job in his compnay that will bring in more money, which would help me get the treatment I need.
  8. Tiels

    Tiels New Member

    I gave blood, late last year, everything was fine, even after getting home. I di the usual cage claening and feeding and watering, then when I got into the shower, I thought I would pass out, I was sssssssssssssooooooooooooo tired all the sudden.

    Got through the shower, came in the living room and crashed for an hour. Hubby didn't know what to think. I told him I was so tired and just let me sleep a bit. He kept an eye on me, and thank God he was home.

    Real leery of giving blood again~~ it's such a good and proper thing to do, but kind of scares me after that.
  9. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    If I'm remembering correctly, I think that I once read that people w/hypovolemia can have about 80% of the volume of a non-hypovolemic person. (I don't remember if that was a max or min number.)

    So if the average for a normal adult is 10 pints of blood, and they donate 1, then they've still got 90% of the normal volume. If you are hypovolemic, you walk around w/less than this every day.

    If YOU are at 80% (you have 8 pints), then you donate 1, you are at 70% of a normal person's volume, and you really can't afford that. Your iron level isn't indicative of your blood volume. We CFS-ers are special cases, and not very many people understand the ins and outs of dealing with us.

    Pregnancy increases blood volume exponentially. I remember having no problem whatsoever w/blood draws during my pregnancy, but normally (non-pregnancy), I have to get stuck 2 or 3 times (my record is 7 sticks for one draw -- three technicians) because my veins are so little.

    I no longer donate blood. In addition to the low blood volume thing (which I suspect but have never had medically confirmed), I have high counts for several viruses, and I wouldn't want to pass those along.

    The others are right -- rest, water, and salt. And see your doctor if you feel that is not helping.
  10. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    I am soooooooooooooooooo tired. A bone chilling tired and weakness I have never felt before. And that is a lot coming from a someone who has the CFS/FMS!

    How long will this last?? I have suregery on Tuesday and it worries me that I am feeling this way.

    I am also concerned with the blood I gave. Maybe I should not have them use it as I have had the runs since yesterday.