Gave in - going to atty regarding Soc Sec Disability claim...

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    Hi, everyone! When my doctor's receptionist reminded me that Social Security has a backlog of attorneys on their side I finally saw the light and decided to go to an attorney. They specialize in Soc Sec Disability claims and were so nice to me over phone. Guy said we have all sorts of clients like you who don't have enough money to get medical evidence. In fact, we even send some of them to a doctor. Also - they know the exact doctors to send you to and knew of my naturopath in that area, Dr Jon Dunn (Olympia, WA).

    So, for at least a few minutes I felt a little better about things. I just received turndown on my reconsideration claim so the next step is an administrative law judge.

    He told me it would be a year or so before I would get a hearing but I already knew that and think it will give me time to at least get to some doctors who can assist in some way.

    Since both doctor and atty are within 1/2 mile of each other I can plan the visit for one day and not mess myself up too bad. I seldom leave the bed, let alone the house, so this is a really big deal!!

    Just had to share. I feel so intwined to the people on this board (is intwined a word???) and I know you will understand my feeling of accomplishment more than anyone else would. At last I made a decision and now have a little something to look forward to.

    Oh, I was also told that my date would probably go back to the onset of condition - Sept, 2000, even tho I have tried to type at home in the meantime off and on.

    We are just balancing on the edge of the cliff financially and are getting way behind in the bills so any good news is a bit of a boost on the nerves, don't you think?

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    Way to go!! I'm glad you are getting more help. Are you paying for the lawyer or does that come free with our SS disability claim? Is this the kind that takes 25% off of the back pay and nothing up front right? Let me know who he/she is and if they're good!

    That's my next step too, gotta find someone good. I called about my reconsideration last week and they said I would find out by the end of April. That's 7 months in a so called expedited reconsideration.....hmmm....could it be a good thing? I'll be so angry if they wasted all that time not looking at my case just to find out I have to wait another year for a's so frustrating isn't it?!

    Good Luck! ~LISA