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    Just heard from a friend about a new cholesterol fighter, Citrus Bergamot and I know GB you've been told by your MD to do statins, I would never do the statins and it appears this
    product is sold online by some suppliers...

    GB, I know you still are contemplating the thyroid support, but putting this out there too. jam

    GB, do you take COQ10? I take 200mg daily. [This Message was Edited on 03/12/2013]
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    Thanks so much for thinking of me. I will definitely check this out. I have started on a low dose of the synthroid. If I have any problems with it I'll try the armour. My doc gave me synthroid samples.

    The things I read online suggest starting on a 12.5 mcg dosage and increasing every two weeks if you're elderly and/or have other medical conditions, such as diabetes.

    My doctor prescribe 50 mcg to start even though I told her I have to start on small dosages due to the sensitivity issues from CFS. I plan to increase gradually and hope this helps me raise my thyroid level.

    I really agree with you about statins. I don't take COQ10 but I've read about it on this board and on the diabetes board. It sounds like something I may need to take. GB66
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    One other thing about the synthroid. I have taken my second dose and both times I've had a couple of side effects.

    The first one is a much louder ringing in my ears (tinnitis) than I usually have. I've had it for many years but it increases greatly after taking the med.
    I had this side effect also with erythromycin.

    The other is really strange. I feel very relaxed, almost like I've had a tranquilizer, not my usual way of feeling! It's almost a euphoric feeling. Have you ever experienced this? I hate taking new meds.

  4. jaminhealth

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    for only a few days some yrs back and was falling over with
    fatigue....I got off it right away....

    You are taking a small dose, so give it some time...

    The ringing, I've had that from the advil and tylenol, but
    now on the Anatabloc I take less advil and NO Tylenol...

    I can't say enough about how Anatabloc is helping me. Totally curing me, NO, but feeling so much better overall, knocking out inflammation...
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    I imagine I'd be falling over too if I took a larger dose. I'm going to give it a week and if the ringing doesn't decrease, I'll ask for armour.

    I'm goint to lookup anatabloc. I've never heard of it.
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    of it, but I have 2 long posts here on this board about
    my experiences.....

    Dosing with Syn and Armour are like day and night...probably why MOST conventonal docs don't want
    to work with armour....armour has 5 ingredients in it's mix,
    with Syn, there is T4 only....

    Most MD's start an Armour patient off with 30 mg (1/2grain), I'd think depending on how much distress the patient is in, maybe some would start with 15mg (1/4 grain) which is very low....
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    gb, tinnitus tends to become worse as the thyroid tends towards hyperthyroidism. What's effectively happening, when you take synthroid, is a spike in your thyroid T4 levels and your body is responding in kind as a result of your CFS and hypersensitive to many meds.

    jam has already pointed out that Armour is another option to consider if you continue to experience unacceptable side effects. Armour in general offers a reduced side effect profile and very low doses offer thyroid improvement. I would suggest a low dose of no more than 15mg initially to allow your body time to adjust. Then after a month have a full thyroid blood test to see what your levels are before making any decisions on dosage.

    Once your thyroid levels start to move into a more normal range you should find your cholesterol levels begin to fall.

    As for statins, forget them, hypersensitivity usually means you would experience significant muscle and joint pain and would have to come off them after only a week or so.


    For those reading this in the UK, it is now possible to obtain Armour with a prescription, details available here :

    Your doctor may not know about this so you'll need to educate them and provide references, the above link is a good start.
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    one of the symtpoms in Mary Shomon's book for HypoT is tinnitis (hissing, ringing in ear)...I have never heard it
    is connected to going HyperT...

    The hissing I've had for the last couple yrs is decreasing since I'm taking less pain meds....

    I've put this question out to one of the thyroid boards I'm a member of....never heard that HyperT connection.
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    Is 15 mg the lowest dose? Can they be cut? When you say that armour has more ingredients do you mean it has more active ingredients, more action on the thyroid? I think it's the inactive ingredients in a lot of meds that cause me to have so many side effects.

    Does armour have less of the inactive ones? I know this is a lot of questions and I'm reading a lot online but it gets so complicated that I can't quite grasp it. Thyroid is harder for me to understand than the diabetes was. I'm doing fine with that (it's been 2 years now). Thanks. GB66
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    This hypersensitivity thing is a mess to deal with. I have no problem with the concept of taking prescription meds., it's just that my body can't tolerate most of them.

    Not all new meds do this to me but most do. They noise in my ears is always there and has been for years. It's a ringing/buzzing, but some meds make it so loud it actually begins to hurt.

    There's no way I can stay on synthroid if it continues. Thanks. GB66
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    starting any lower wouldn't do much I wouldn't think...we're talking Armour right?

    Cutting Armour is probably not the best because it's a mix of 5 ingredients and you'll get uneven distribution.

    I'm not clear on that HyperT comment, I posted that HypoT has a tinnitus issue according to Mary Shomon's book with a list of symptoms on if you've had hissing/buzzing so long, that would be from being HypoT according to her words. jam
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    I don't think the buzzing is related to my thyroid because I've had it since I was a child. I remember having to sleep with a fan on in my room to drown out the head noise before I was even a teenager.

    It's some kind of ear condition. My sister was hard of hearing from birth and always wore a hearing aid. I think it's probably genetic.

    I honestly haven't noticed any symptoms of low thyroid since it started showing up on my labs. It was a surprise to me.

    The only thing I wondered about was a little hair loss in front the last few years but I read that thyroid replacement would cause hair loss. How can that be if it's taking your thyroid hormone in the opposite direction?
  13. jaminhealth

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    fatigue, weakness are all symptoms of low thryroid.

    You have these right? Or don't you have these?

    Thyroid replacement does not cause hair loss, the
    opposite on everything I've read... jam
  14. LadyCarol

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    gb, I have a similar problem with tinnitus, I know exactly what it's like to live with and the impact of various meds, supplements and health conditions.

    Syn/Levo med can cause some temporary hair loss in a small number of people. However, it sounds more like your hair loss is more likely related to low thyroid levels for too long a period of time. Once your thyroid levels go into the normal range you should hopefully see a reversal of hair loss.

    Regarding Armour dosage, you could start on 15mg (1/4 grain) of Armour which will provide approx. 9.5mcg T4 and 2mcg T3, if you think that is still too much then cut them in half for a lower introductory dose and then if all goes well take the 15mg (1/2 grain) daily a week or so later.

    The link below provides info on Tinnitus causes, including hyperthyroidism :
  15. gb66

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    In the side effects listed for synthroid, it mentions hair loss as a possible side effect. This doesn't make sense to me.

    Yes I do have weakness and fatigue but it started in 1978 when I was hit with CFS/FM in a viral-like illness. I didn't start having abnormal thyroid labs until a few years ago. (Even using the new standard).

    My fatigue and weakness are the same as they've been for these many years, no different symptoms. Just hair loss. I know that feeling cold is supposed to be a symptom but I feel so overheated all the time that I keep the ac on. I freeze my husband with it.

    P.S. I just looked synthroid up and it says that hair loss may occur during the first few months of treatment with synthroid. Maybe armour doesn't have that side effect. GB66
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    I think the increased tinnitus could be because I have so much sinus and ear congestion right now. The last couple of weeks have been a little pollen heavy. We have lots of trees in our yard. But I do know that taking erythromycin in the past caused an increase in my tinnitus.

    I do believe the hair loss has been because of the low thyroid. I would imagine that if a person was experiencing hair loss on the synthroid it would be because the dosage was too high, causing hyperthyroidism, but that still doesn't make a lot of sense.

    I wonder if the lost hair will grow back? I hope so!

    I am taking 12.5 mcg of synthroid right now and will increase to 25 mcg in a few weeks if all goes well. If not, I'll try the losest dose of armour. GB66
  17. LadyCarol

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    gb, you receiving treatment for the sinus and ear congestion ?

    Synthroid & Armour can both cause partial hair loss, it's a direct side effect of these medications, it has nothing to do with hyperthyroidism. Any hair loss is usually temporary if it's linked to the above agents, otherwise some factor(s) are causing the hair loss.
  18. gb66

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    I take antihistamines and use a nasal saline wash.
    It's the pollen right now and it's probably going to be worse for the next month.

    I did read that hypothyroid can cause hair loss also. Maybe that's what it is because I haven't been on the synthroid but a few days.

    I called my doctor's service to see if I could switch to armour because of the huge increase in tinnits and the doctor on call said to just stop taking it for now and call my regular doc on Monday.

    He said they do not prescribe armour and he didn't think it would be manufactured much longer anyway. No help at all from him. I really don't know what else I can do at this point. I know my
    drug sensitivities aren't going away.

    When I take a new med, if side effects like this start, they don't clear up. If it's going to work for me, it will work right from the start. GB66
  19. jaminhealth

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    has got to be a bad rumor from those Syn pushing MD's...

    Armour has been thru a lot in the years I'm taking it since
    2002, and TOO many believe in it and do NOT want to go
    to Syn and Cytomel.

    I've put out the question on 2 thyroid boards I'm a member
    of and will call Forest on Monday to ask the Armour rumor...

    Better be a false comment from the md....
  20. gb66

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    I hope it's a false rumor. I didn't like this doctor very much anyway. Very snappy and hateful. I've never seen or talked to him before. He was just the one on call tonight.

    I read so many good things from folks who use armour and a lot of bad ones from synthroid and former synthroid users.

    I'm going to ask my regular doctor on Monday, but she's not going to be my doc after this month because she's leaving. I start with a new one in April. Always something. GB66