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    How are you doing now without the pessary? Did you consider the sling for the bladder? They supposedly have some new kind of material. Of course, it only lasts for around 5 years or so and then it's gotta be fixed again. My cousin, who's the same age as me, has a prolapsed bladder and is taking meds for incontince(sp?). She's also holding off on the surgery. Just checking on ya. I'd lost that other thread.
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    Hopefully the neurontin will help. I know alot of people that do good on it. I hope you do too. I know how you feel about wanting to just push it back in. It doesn't really help though cause as soon as you do something, PLOP, it's right back out. Good luck on the lyme test. Maybe it'll give you an answer. Are you doing the Ignex test? I've heard that it's the best and most sensitive.