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    I was referred to an endocrinologist for some specific hormone and thyroid testing. Everything was normal, except I am deficient in IGF-1 (adult human growth hormone). It is apparently secreted by your pituitary gland during stage 4 sleep mainly, and I have gotten basically none of that for years. This hormone is necessary for cell repair. Readers Digest version: You don't sleep, you don't produce the hormone, your body doesn't repair itself, you end up totally exhausted and in pain all the time.

    The stimulation test is done by adding arginine (an amino acid) to IV fluids, which are run in over 30 minutes or so. Blood is drawn before the fluids are started, then it's drawn every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours. I don't know the specifics other than this will show if your pituitary gland can (hopefully) be stimulated into producing the IGF-1 hormone.

    If not, the first option of treatment is apparently HGH injections, every day. I am reluctant to take them. If you do a google search or search on this site, you can get lots of info on this.

    My rheumy told me that if my IGF-1 level were in the normal range it would at least improve my FM pain.

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    I am not afraid of the injections, like some here. If you are properly monitored, you will not be getting any more than a normal person would make.
    However, I can tell you, for whatever you think it's worth, that my IGF-1 level is in the low end of the normal range for my age, and I have plenty of FMS pain! Who knows, maybe I'd have even more if I weren't in the normal range.
    I thought the reason for the injections was that low hGH will age you prematurely and shorten your life... a pretty good reason.
    I wish Lakediver was still coming here. She got 90% of her life back by taking the injections.
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    I am one of those who is afraid of the injections, mainly because of what I've read about cancer risks, etc. I honestly don't know what I will end up doing about this.

    The endocrinologist told me my IGF-1 level was *half of what it should be*, but when I actually got a copy of my labs, I see it's 8 points lower than the lowest number in the range. So, while it's definitely low, it could obviously be a lot lower, and even at only -8 points, I have a lot of symptoms and pain. Makes me shudder to think how bad I *could* be feeling if it were even lower.