GcMAF therapy, 100 ng

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  1. Sceptical

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    Hi Guys,

    I 've been for 90 days so far on GcMAF in Brussels (KDM). It is excellent. I also take ProBoost (5 per day) and VSL3 once per day (in the evening)


    1.5 mg Rivotril (clonazepam, no more !)
    0.5 mg Xanax (no more !!)
    5 mg cetirizin (no more !!)
    25 mg Valdoxan (no more !!)

    I feel calm and relaxed and do not take tranquillizers any more. My sleep is good and I wake up relaxed. Side effects: fatigue and sleepiness but it is tolerable. My medical condition has been improving on a daily basis. No headache, no overstimulation. Sometimes tender lymph nodes, low fever.

    Many patients do not tolerate it. Prof. Demeirleir counselled against raising the dosage (!) and was surprised at the result. I am extremely sensitive but I do not experience unbearable side effects. I do not take extra D3.


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    Adam - what is 100 ng ? do you mean mg. ? Thanks Bala
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    Hello Sceptical!!
    Great to hear that GcMaf is helping you! :)
    I will be seeing KDM in a couple of weeks and am hoping he will be able to help me! :)
    Thanks for posting your experience on the web... it really helps other people!
    Best to you! Hope you keep improving and achieve health! :)