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  1. DavidTeer

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    Hi Just a quick question. Gee will go to a rheumatologist Monday for the first time For her fibro. What can she expect from this visit. She is worried about what will happen. This Dr. is supposed to be good with fibro. What kind of test or exams will she incure? Please respond asap. Thanks Dave and Gee
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    Dave if it was anything like my visit they took blood and check for sore areas and lots of questions. Wasnt bad at all just tell her to tell them everything she is experiencing!Sending my best wishes!
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  3. camelgirl

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    I know you are in my area and was just wondering what doc she is going to see. let me (us) know how it goes. I hope it goes well. Good luck to you both.
    Peace, Camelgirl
  4. DavidTeer

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    The doctor that Gee will see is Susan Fraser. in downtown St. Pete. Do you know anything about her?
    Thanks Dave
    and Gee

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    framed sign "{Patients Bill of Rights)". I read that and was less apprehensive. I had been to several specialists basically to eliminate those possibilities (I am a doubting Thomas)and my GP saved the rheumi for last. It did help convince me of what I had; next step was to learn all about it; then begin to tackle other ailments/syndroms I was having aside from the FMS.

    I have worked on each ailment or syndrome, to where some 7 years later I have some stability. The stress factors in my life ought to have killed me years ago! Ha. Cactus'
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    sorry, I don't know anything about her, but I wish you all the best of luck. you'll be in my prayers:)
    Hugs, camelgirl