Gee, I actually had an idea!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gapsych, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Several years ago, I had my wallet stolen out of my purse. The purse was sitting where kids usually sit in the cart.It must have happened very quickly as I do not know when it happened and they had to unzip the purse to get to my wallet. Maybe I was busy reading the ingredients on something because I always try and stay close to my purse. It hurts my shoulder if I have to carry it around.

    Anyway, I had this brilliant idea, well for me that is, as I have extra foggy today.

    I went shopping tonight. When I got the cart, I put the baby safety strap through the strap on my purse. THe strap is very tight.

    However, that does not mean I plan run across the store leaving my purse unattended. Also someone could still unzip the purse but this would make it a bit harder.

    Okay, a lot of you may have already have done this or think it is a stupid idea. Just don't tell me, LOL!!

    Happy New Year to all!!!

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  2. sisland

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    Happy new year to you and yours also!,,,,,,

    Sorry to hear about the theft!,,,,some people are so cruel or as they have been saying on the news latley "It's the economy",,,,,,But yes i think it's a great idea to hook the saftey strap through your purse handle!,,,,,,,needless to say that now you will just automaticly keep an eye on your purse,,,,,
    Sometimes i just leave my purse in the car with the doors locked and just take my wallet in ,,,,,,and put it in my coat pocket while shopping,,,,,,,ya just can't trust anyone anymore! sad to say!,,,,,,,Sis
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    When I was in Florida (and before I became disabled and in an electric scooter) I would use the baby strap to secure my pocketbook because there would be so many people around when I would be shopping. I also kept a dog's collar in my pocketbook so that if the baby strap wasn't there, I would strap my pocketbook to the cart by using the dog's collar. It was worth it as too many people down there, particular seniors, were getting their pocketbooks and wallets ripped off by teams of crooks in supermarkets--one would engage the senior in asking for help in whether to pick this type of product for making a supper dish or that product, while the other would go for the wallet in the cart, and this was really sad. I see women today that have pocketbooks that are open and don't zipper in their carts and they walk completely away from their carts --they are perfect targets.

    I handle procedure much the same now with my electric scooter. I have cats that take turns riding in my scooter basket, so when they do and I am in stores, I am able to secure my pocketbook and have it hang in front of my knees so it isn't going anywhere.

  4. Granniluvsu

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    Gee, I guess you are smart as I am (-: !! I have also done the same thing at times, using the baby belt in the basket to "lock in" the purse. At least is is harder to remove and you would notice it before it was gone, most likely. I am also usually not to far from the basket either but you really have to be on the watch out for fast hands that are trying to snatch the purse or wallet.

    Thanks for posting the good idea ! It is a shame that we all have to be so careful !


  5. grammyj

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    Hey Gapsych, I do that all the time, always have. I've never had my wallet stolen, but I know a few folks who have. Also, if the strap is long I let my purse drape over the baby seat area to the bottom of the basket, I start putting my groceries on top of it. I still don't leave the buggy unattended cause I know anything can happen., but this method sure is better than taking a chance. Good thinking on your part I'd say.
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    The police here always say not to think you deter a burglar with the car doors locked. I did learn this the hard way, I left my purse in the seat, locked the car, and headed for the beach. Well, you guessed it, the car window was broken out when I got back. I learned a lesson from that. Lucky for me my wallet and purse were located in a dumpster close by, everything in it, I had no money in it anyway.. However it did cost me a car window. So no wallet stolen at grocery store for me, but right out of my car.
  7. jole

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    I live in a small town, and even the bigger town (college size) we shop in seems really safe to me. I'm one of those "dumb" ones that leaves my purse in the cart, sometimes unzipped.... You have all opened my eyes to how lucky I've been!

    Nowadays I no longer go shopping so don't have to worry, and my girls don't even use a purse, so I guess we're safe! That really stinks to have your car broken into!

    Guess I was always 'way too trusting....we just started locking our house at night a few years ago, and still rarely do if gone during the day.....but need to start, huh? ***Jole***
  8. mary124

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    Thats a pretty good idea. I mean, with the hard times here people are very desperate for money- and with the strap around your purse straps they can still get in it but it will probably take a little longer.

    The other day, my husband left his jacket at work, along with (you guess it, some money, it was not much really I think $20.00) - when he realized this he went back to work and found the jacket but money was gone.

    I try to keep my purse on me, but if I don't I have it in the cart, but am always on alert to see if its still there.