Gee, tried to be a normal today,stupid me!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. dolsgirl

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    I went to the local yearly fair (a 3 day thing), was listening to the live music & clapping with my elbows close to my sides, as that's the only way I can & that's difficult with the wrist pain going on. Well, they did this patriotic song & were waving the flag & one of their inebriated fans decided everyone should stand up & so everyone was getting up & clapping away & singing. There I sat, the singer could see me & I think he knew that I really couldn't participate. Well, the drunk came over & tried to get me to get up & I said, "I have a medical condition!" She backed off & went on her drunken way. But, you feel bad enough without some moron bringing attention to you as if you're not supporting our troops, which I totally do. Big time. My entire body was in such pain by that time though that I was just waiting for their set to finish to politely leave, my back injuries were KILLING me!! I had to get up & leave at the end of that song. That was two hours ago & I'm still in horrible pain.

    Why don't "normals" know that people can't or choose to not get up for their own personal reasons & just leave people alone? Jeez! dolsgirl
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    Are you like me and "LOOK" fit and well? That's what gets me into the most trouble. People meet you and say "gee you are looking well. Retirement suits you"!! Oh Yeah!!. If only they knew. Apart from being happier at home as it is less exhausting and I can go and lie down when I need to, or else just potter, or stop and start with things like my patchwork etc, then I don't have to put up with those sorts of people and comments. It's a problem I know, but I think most of us with CFS/FM deal with it. take care. Love ozgran.

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    Silly you!(stupid is downer,i try to avoid IMO) it sounds as if you had fun! Yes,"normals" do not have kean grasp of obvious.We never seem to be intrusive with them,like 'You look you are taking advantage of your body poisoning it,2 drinks were enough.It's obvious you've caused Brain and liver damage." Nope,not fibromites,we appologize for their ignorance,and feel bad to boot! :) I had a cashier at store treat me all weird. My hand locked on my items and couldn't let go. She made some off the wall comment,I smiled and nodded my head as mouth was little slower than brain that day.I go to pay her ,I can not put the cash in order,she sighs takes money out of my hand and said butterfingers today eh.No,I snap back, i 'm sick i mumble,sorry. What IS their deal? I hope you feel better soon!{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}} Peace,Ez
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    At least *most* of the time I'm now patient with slow drivers. I now figure that if they're driving slow, there's a *reason*. Heaven forbid they drive faster than they're comfortable and cause a wreck! But my growth in this area is only because sometimes *I* have to drive slower than the speed limit. Sigh. You'd think/hope that we'd progressed enough to be more empathetic, but in truth most people don't have a clue until they experience something similar.
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    whatever that is!! People wouldn't know to look at me. I think when I left you could tell to look at me by the way I was walking. My face probably showed it by the time I left too, but that was the least of my problems. I just couldn't wait to get to my car and get home. I feel a little better today.

    When I first got home I got an IM from HiRiskRN from this board & we just got LOL about how she just got her SSDI letter & I had told her that I've been told by my SIL that the disability judge here is blind, has like one arm & comes into court in a wheelchair or something, which is true. So, I don't know that he can be very objective about a disease where we can see, drive(usually ;)) & do some functioning. I hope his reputation is blown way out of proportion & I never need his services. I'm fighting it tooth & nail.

    Thanks for your responses. dolsgirl