Gee Wizz!!! Mothers!!!!!

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    My mum has a friend who also has CFS, and I showed Mum the recent post with "The thief of many lives" to show her friend. Well, don't hold back !!!!! She starts "Oh, she's over it, she's going overseas now. She couldn't get out of bed and now she's up and about and that's it! She wouldn't want this." Gee, they can cut with little remarks!!! That really pees me!!! GRrrrrrrrr!!!! Just goes to show that being ill in her presence for the last 2 yrs, and she has yet to learn much - I do not expect her to understand how I feel or what I have been through because she has not walked in my shoes, but a little understanding wouldn't go astray.
    It is this attitude that makes me even more determined to get out there and let the world know!!! I am totally frustrated!!!
    Just had to vent!!!
    Thanks for listening!!