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    The geese are starting to migrate here in the state of Id.

    I watched them and it reminded me of something I was told along time ago.

    I've never researched it to see if it was true. I just loved the story so much that I believe it in my heart.

    The tales goes like this.....When geese migrate in their huge V's across the sky, the lead goose will keep his or her position until tired. Then he will drop to the back of the V and let the next take his place. This goes on and on the whole trip.

    The only exception is if another goose is hurt or exhausted. Then he will stay with the one in need until they both are strong enough to join another group.

    This story reminded me of all of us.

    We can lead on our good days and pass the lead to another when we are exhausted.

    Sometimes it is one on one for those who need extra support. We stay with them praying until they are strong.

    Blessings De

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    That was beautiful.
  3. kgangel

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    what a beautiful story, so nice of you to share it with us all!!

    It does seem to sum up this board, so nice to come here with our stories, with our hopes and dreams and when we are down and out to have the others lift us up again

    God Bless you

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    I had heard that before. It is a good reminder. On the lighter side it is our geese that are headed your way.
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    I had never thought of that before.

    We are on the flight path of the Canada geese as they practice for their long flight. Every night they fly over us and I have watched them do that very thing. It is awesome to watch.

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    That was great, what a beatiful picture you used to describe this message board, and all the wonderful people on it!!

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    I too have been told this. I didn't know about the stronger one staying with the weakest tho. How beautiful! I think God made the geese like this as an example for us. You, my dear perfectly represent this example! Love, Tam
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    This is what God does for us. I just thought you all would understand the beauty of his work in even the simplest events of nature.

    Thx for the kind words but it is God that designed even the way the geese fly.

    I just stand back in awe. With such perfect design and timing, how can one think a big bang or mistake of nature created all we have.

    Blessings, De
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    I didn't see this today and checked in tonight. That is so is like us here! When some of us are too weak to be strong... God always gives another one a bit more strength to help out.

    I loved this so much! God bless and keep you!

    I managed to go to church with hubby tonight. It really was good to go.

    Just appreciate you all!