gelatin and glycine and detox

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    Well, I now believe the very strong reaction I had to one tablespoon of gelatin was due to the detoxification properties of glycine. It did help me sleep but I felt rather woozy, drugged and tired for much of the next day. Last night I took one teaspoon and felt a bit fuzzy all day today, and my appetite is off, thought it felt similar to detoxing, looked it up tonight, and voila! Glycine binds to heavy metals, is very important for liver detoxing.

    If something can cause detoxing, I react very strongly to it.

    I'm not going to take any tonight, I need a break, but will try 1/2 tsp. in a day or two and see how I do -

    Just something to be aware of - I'm like the canary in the coal mine! I tried taurine once, supposed to be very good for sleep, but caused a very strong detox reaction and so couldn't take it - grrrrr!!!

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    thanks for doing the "research" for us. Hope you feel better tonight.
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    Thanks for your kind wishes! I do feel better, although I could tell I was still detoxing today (have not taken any gelative for 2 days now).

    But I wouldn't let this stop you from trying the gelatin - I react way more to many things than many people -


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    I wish I could take taurine like you, but am glad at least you can! And you would probably have no problem with the glycine either. As Jam said, it does seem to be rather powerful so it really might help you with sleep.

    I'm feeling better tonight. I think I'll stay off the gelatin for awhile as there's another protocol I'm working on which causes detoxing too (surprise, surprise!) but I think is good for me. I'll post about it some other time.

    Take care -

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    Keep us posted how do with the gelatin - I'm really curious to see if it helps with joints. Glycine is amazingly powerful!