Gelatin for Joints & More

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    Ok, here we go again. I get a monthly health newsletter and the latest issue the doctor talks a lot about joint health and gelatin. I've known for a long time about gelatin to help in building collagen for joints and health for hair and nails.... I've used knox gelatin over the years but not in recent yrs.

    I've used chicken collagen caps over the years too...but I think taking the powder in liquid would be a lot more effective.

    The doctor likes great lakes gelatin and now foods gelatin (beef)...recommends 2T per day, add to water, juice or foods like soup, oatmeal and other liquid foods...1T twice a day or all at once depending on how you use it, it thickens up.

    He claims he gets better sleep, feels less stressed out and less stiffness after a night's sleep. Boy, I'd be a happy camper with less morning stiffness, less stiffness all around the clock.

    Anyway, more to chew on for health know I'm all for that.....jam

    It doesn't happen overnight, but it can happen as he claims. Do your homework too.

    Reading further, the doctor started with 2 tsps per day and now is taking 2T per work with the dosing for your particular body's needs....[This Message was Edited on 09/16/2012]
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    in this newsletter, the doctor is talking about more and more "younger" people with joint issues and replacements being done at early ages, my hip replacement was at 72...

    I've read on other boards people in their 20-30's with replacements. The younger replacements are done, the more years to have to get them re-done...I've seen so much of this

    Anyway, gelatin contains amino acids which are essential for joint health:

    35% glycine, 16% proline, 14% hydroxyproline, 11% alanine and other amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of our body.

    Anyway, I'm excited to get on gelatin and stay on it.....
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    goes on to talk about Bruising or Purpura Senilis in older people . This happens because the connective tissue in the skin loses its elasticity and the blood vessels just under the skin surface lose their matrix support (connective tissue) and become fragile and break easily. This leakage increases with blood thinning drugs, NSAIDS and antidepressants.

    He believes Gelatin would help to build up the connective tissue. And recommends getting on an antioxidant which will help, but believes the Gelatin therapy is a very positive way to go with this thinning skin.

    I am old (74) and no bruising with my skin but I do take a great antioxidant as you all know and have for a long time...but I do take ibuprofen so the Grape Seed Ex is doing a good job in this area...

    I have an order of beef gelatin on the way....gotta get on it...for the joints...
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    Oh this is funny, I posted this back in Sept 2012 and mentioned the great lakes product but tried the now foods gelatin which is in one of my closets, it never did a thing for here I am posting about the success I'm having with the great lakes gelatin which is WORKING...

    I post so much, I forget a lot that I post. jam