gelatin helped with sleep due to glycine content

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    Okay, Jam's posts about glycine helping with sleep and her separate post about gelatin got me doing some research and I found that plain gelatin is a very good source of glycine, which is an amino acid and calming neurotransmitter. Plain gelatin is very good for skin, hair, joints, nails, and is calming to boot, due to its high glycine content. Also supposed to be good for the immune system and other things.

    So I took 1 tablespoon last night mixed in about 6 oz. of water 2 hours before bed, I got extra sleepy and when I woke up to go to the bathroom really felt drugged. This morning I felt somewhat drugged all morning and realized I need a smaller dose, but it really works. So I'm going to try 1/2 a dose tonight and see what happens.

    You can google for more info on glycine - it is being promoted as a sleep aid but I think it's cheaper to just take gelatin, and also will have other benefits noted above.

    It's cheap and simple, and I hope to be able to be able to cut back on some of the other stuff I take for sleep (melatonin, lorazepam in the middle of the night, and maybe less l-theanine).

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    I did a search and found this on Utube. I sent my husband to the health foods market to search for organic gelatin so I can give this a try. I remember when I was a teenager drinking the knox gelatin.
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    Interesting how it's processed, but I do want organic. And along with reading up on it I found out what fun things I can also make using knox gelatin! Apparently I can even make gummi worms......perhaps I'll do that as a fun thing with my two grandkids.
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    I just had some Knox gelatin on hand that I used. I think all (or at least most) commercial gelatin comes from beef. I know that vegetarians don't even eat marshmallows because of the gelatin used to make them.

    I do plan to order some gelatin from Now foods but just wanted to try what I had on hand. It's cheaper to order in bulk, e.g., the one pound Now Foods product, compared to the grocery store Knox brand.

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    I did sleep better - slept deeper, dreamt more. But also did feel drugged. I seem to be such a sensitive soul! :))

    I react to so many things. Right now I'm taking 1/2 the smallest dose of a special HCL detox protocol, and it still hits me for 3 days. REgular dose is one cap 3 times a day and I'm taking 1/2 of a cap every three days, and still feel the detoxing quite a bit. So am not too surprised I reacted so strongly to the gelatin. But my muscle testing tells me the gelatin quite good for me, I just need to take less.

    Glycine is a calming neurotransmitter so it makes sense that if one is sensitive, you will feel a bit drugged. l-theanine can cause that reaction too.

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