Gelform Cushion For Hip Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rain122865, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Rain122865

    Rain122865 New Member

    My son went and got me a gelform wheelchair cushion pad today and it is great feels so good on my computer chair and my recliner my hips feel the difference already! He got it at a medical supply store. Just and idea if anyone else has a hard time sitting with thier hip pain.
  2. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I will have to give this a try as I sometimes have hip pain. I wonder how well this would work when you are laying down?

  3. Rain122865

    Rain122865 New Member

    They have full body ones too that can be used on your bed. If this one still feels this good after a couple of weeks I might look into one of the full body ones myself.
  4. Rumpsonfire

    Rumpsonfire New Member

    Oh wow, I will definatly have to try this one at work! I have a terrible time with my hips and lower back. I have tried a cushion with a V cut out in the back for my scraum but that hurt to have my sacrum just hanging in air. Do you know how much your Gelform Cushion cost? I will take a look at a medical supply place once the holiday hustle and bustle is over. THanks for the advice!!

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  5. Rain122865

    Rain122865 New Member

    The one that my son got was $52.95 with tax is kind of expensive but we didn't shop around and to me $52.95 is cheap to sit in comfort and I have been sitting on it for hours now and even my back feels like it is losening up!!
    Even when I went up the steps earlier my hips didn't burn and pull as much as usual.
  6. Rumpsonfire

    Rumpsonfire New Member

    Wow, that is pricey. I will take a look at it and shop around. Like I said I have alot of problems with my back and hips, including scoliosis and a major imbalance of the sacrum. Do you happen to know the brand of it so I could maybe look for it online? Thanks for keeping me up to date on your find!

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    gee,I wonder if- since its bought at a medical supply store-I wonder if insurance would cover it??Thats how I got a humidifier and a vaporizer.I have chronis sinus trouble and my dr wrote me a script for both items and they paid! I may look into that in January. thanks~