Gender, Hormones & CFS

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    Based on your observations, why do you think more females than males are diagnosed with CFIDS, FM, etc.? Hormones?


    Others have also thought about this, and most have come to the conclusion that it has to have something with the hormone status. An interesting observation is that pregnant females often lose their CFS symptoms as their estrogen levels drop, only to have them slowly return after pregnancy as their estrogen levels rise. Also, many microorganisms, such as Mycoplasma spp., are very sensitive to estrogens. This would explain the loss of symptoms during pregnancy when estrogen levels are very low. Men only express estrogen at very low levels and testosterone at high levels. It would be interesting to see if men with low levels of testosterone (this hormone declines with aging) are more likely to have CFS.
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    I have read this before and it makes sense; however, in my case, my CFS has continued to get worse (no remissions, just constant worsening over the 6 yrs I have been sick) & I am now very sick, and yet in my recent blood tests, they were not able to find ANY estrogen.....I am on the pill for endometriosis, so I am taking estrogen, too, and I feel even worse if I stop taking it......I have no idea what my body is doing with it or how this fits with the CFS symptoms
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    It could be that your illness is not related to any estrogen-dependent microorganism, or you may have a loss of estrogen without loss of estrogen-like hormones or substances with estrogenic properties. Since supplementation with estrogen helps your condition, you may not have a pathogen (if your illness is related at all to some pathogen) that is stimulated by estrogen.

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    My son has extremely low testosterone levels (bottom 3% I think they said) and has been extremely s-l-o-w in developing. At almost 22 he has managed to stretch to 5'5" and finally tips the scale at 115 lbs. Usually mistaken for 13 - 15 years old. Ill since birth, diagnosed with Fibro at 7, CFS at 10 after being hopitalized with Mono, also shows EBV still active, mycoplasma pneumonia, HHV6 & clinical diagnosis of Lyme. Treated for years with no overall improvement. Functions between 10 - 20%. No testing yet for XMRV/MLV's.

    Is there such a thing as the body inhibiting the hormones to try to control the pathogens?
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    Increased estrogen is critical for fetal maturation & a healthy pregnancy ... Estradiol does NOT decrease during pregnancy.

    Also, it's been my understanding that menopause, a low estrogen state, leads to increased CFS symptoms.

    Not sure how that affects the Nicolson CFS theory ...
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    thanks for your input on this and on so many other topics here

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