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  1. Was wondering how the new info on gene and cfs could relate to us with fybro?I mean I truly believe they are the same in some ways.I am in pain every day for 7 months and AM tired alot too .Can take a 5 hour nap and then sleep 12 hours at night.But the fatigue is not as much a part of me as the pain. Soa anyone with info about this let me know.,I truly hope its some good news for us with fybro. Ruthie
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    I think the CDC's findings are also great news for those with FM.

    It will be interesting to watch offshoots of these new studies on CFS as they apply to similar illnesses. The CDC didn't include fibro sufferers in their research, but with more and more studies being done in this area, it's just a matter of time before they are able to determine whether or not FM is linked to genetic factors. I think there is good reason to suspect that FM is genetic, and would be part of the spectrum which would include the 4 subtypes they found with CFS.


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