Gene Discovery Gives Clues to Immune Dysfunction

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    Material called RNA plays key role in the body's defenses, researchers say

    WEDNESDAY, Aug. 24 (HealthDay News)

    Researchers have better defined the role
    of genetic material called ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the operation of the
    body's immune system.

    "We think this study will open a new area of research in understanding how our
    immune systems protect us," said co-author Dr. Drew Weissman of the University
    of Pennsylvania Medical School's division of infectious diseases.

    His team demonstrated that RNA from bacteria stimulates immune cells to
    orchestrate the destruction of invading pathogens.

    They also found that RNA from human cells is recognized by the immune system as
    coming from the same body. That means the RNA itself shouldn't trigger an
    immune attack, such as happens with invading bacteria or viruses.

    The researchers hypothesize that if this self-recognition fails, however, then
    autoimmune diseases such as lupus could result.

    RNA is the genetic material that make proteins, using the DNA's blueprint. RNA
    also specifies exactly which proteins should be made.

    The investigators published their findings in the August issue of Immunity.

    More information

    The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has more about
    autoimmune diseases at .

    (SOURCES: University of Pennsylvania, news release, Aug. 23, 2005)
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    Dr. Nicolson warned that the body's DNA fragments, which mycoplasmas drag around with them from dead host cells, could cause an autoimmune response. That is why he is so adamant about killing them off or starving them out in the bloodstream before the immune system can have an autoimmune response.

    Viruses are the most intelligent pathogens, IMHO, and they use RNA effectively to trick the immune system. Even small pieces of this viral RNA can infect and damage the heart, according to one of my old docs.

    I really feel strongly that these chronic infections which we carry around for years must be dealt with. Thank God more and more docs are seeing the value in treating them.

    It may be our genetic makeup which determines whether we are likely to produce an autoimmune response which leads to Lupus, RA, MS, or other autoimmune illnesses.

    You bring the best articles to us and I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to our cause.

    Love, Mikie
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    and what we learn that has enabled many to improve and some to go into remission.

    There is no magic bullett, but I have learned more from the worldwide patient community than I have from health professionals. Through reading others' opinions, thoughts and how certain protocols affect them (good and bad) I can then research what I think is relevant. Over time the connections become clearer.
    Many of us believe we have a genetic tendancy to these problems, and that we become ill because we become exposed to too many triggers eg vaccines, pathogens and toxins. The body becomes less and less able to deal with them effectively, this is made worse by the adverse affects of these contributing factors too.

    I understood more about the IS through learning about the nature of the pathogens involved than I did wading through medical publications in an area that even immunologists admit they do not understand enough. The infections we are often found to have change their host's environmment and immune response for their own survival; so we have to use a two pronged attack, treat the pathogens and try to return our bodies to a state that is less hospitable for them.

    Toxins are an important factor too, more so for some than others, but ignoring them can lead to treatment failures or potentially beneficial treatments ending up making patients worse.

    What became clear to me is we have to widen our horizons not narrow them down, the overlaps in many chronic illnesses are as important as their differences.

    I also believe patients should empower themselves, the only way to do this is through education and sharing. That's why this, and other similar message boards, are so invaluable.

    love, Tansy [This Message was Edited on 08/25/2005]
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    The more research that is done, the more questions we have. It is going to take some time for this to all come together. I have also learned more from others who share the desire to become self-empowered than I have from docs or medical websites.

    I also believe these areas of overlap are very important. There seems to be a very significant connection between many of these illnesses and their accompanying conditions.

    As you know, I also believe there is a genetic component and that our systems are not able to recover from assaults from pathogens, toxins, stress, etc. My specialist was amazed at how many assaults on my immune system I had recovered from before the mycoplasmas did me in.

    I love what you said about not narrowing the search. I think too many believe there is a magic bullet and all we have to do is find it. I do believe there will either be a cure or more effective teratments in the next five years, but I doubt it will be the result of a narrow search. It will likely come when a light bulb goes on from researching all these illnesses and thier similarities.

    I think to sit and wait for a cure is to continue to go downhill. Until there is a cure or better treatment, we will have to use our own devices, with the help of those docs who can help us, to treat multiple symptoms and systems. What we share with one another is the best resource we have.

    Thanks again.

    Love, Mikie
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    Helps me to have a clearer understanding of what might be going on with my health.

    I agree with both you and Mikie on how to "go on" with these illnesses. Nothing "narrow" and no magic bullet. Mikie's last paragraph spelled out very clearly how I feel ..... too bad I couldn't come up with the words myself !! LOL

    Thanks to both of you. Much of my treatment plan can be traced directly back to both of ya'll's doors.

    Take care,

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    Very interesting and I agree Mikie. It seems each peroson is different. the symptoms are different the underlying problems, length of illness etc.. I don't see how there will be a cookie cutter solution. Thanks for the comments and Articles! You two should write a book! I would buy it! Lynn
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    I have enough of Tansy's post printed out to make my own private book :)

    Thanks ladies, I always enjoy reading what both of you write, always a new twist to these illnesses.

    Shalom, Shirl