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    This is something I do, and just love it. Here are a few suggestions. In the town where you live , see if there is a local genealogy society by calling the public library and ask is there is someone who can help you get started by coming to your home. See if the genealogy society has some charts to help you. Try to get a family group chart and an ancestor chart. Do not be afraid to ask dumb, stupid questions. There are no dumb,stupid questions, just questions rhar haven't been asked yet. In the meantime start with yourself and write down your full maiden name, date of birth and where ,then put down the same information about your parents and grandparents.
    I wish you good luck in your search.

    Now, as for writing your childhood memories, they are your memories. You don't have to ask anyone anything about your memories. Just start writing everything you can think of from your first memory.Try your best to put them in chronological order but don't obesss over that You can always rewrite later. I used two spiril notebooks and as I was writing in the main one the memories started coming so fast I needed to write a bit about them in the other notebook. Just keep writing in the second one as you are trying to keep them in order. I know this sounds confusing but you need to put something down so that when the time comes ,you will have a note about the memory to help you. You will find that they take over your thoughts, and you think about it almost all the time. When ever you think about something if you don't write it down, you'll lose it.
    Good luck and don't give up. ggks