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    I was wondering how many others are interested in tracing their family tree. It is sort of an off and on hobby for my wife and myself. It seems that if we wait a few months and look again there is always new information showing up on the internet.

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    With all the great sites and a lot of imagination.,.you can go far in researching your family lines.

    I have found relatives that I never knew existed and developed relationships with them. I have filing cabinets full of info, outside of what is in my computer.

    This has helped me though some difficult times. To have something you enjoy to work on is wonderful for us.

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    Yes, yes I love researching family history. I belong to the local genealogy club. We meet once a month, on a Saturday.
    I am working on several surnames, one of them is KOBLER. Dr Carl Davis Kobler Sr. to be exact. His wife was an adopted lady and so far I have two ladies that are claimed to be his wife. He was born in Kansas and died in Texas. If anyone is interested I will send dates.
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    Your Dr. may have had 2 wives. I have found men in my family tree who out lived several wives. It wasn't uncommon to have been married 2, 3 or even 4 times and have had children by all of the wives.

    I did an online search for your dr and found his dirth and death, but no one seems to have him in their family tree online.

    We have been doing this long enough that all of our dead ends seem to be be in Europe somewhere. Usually in the 1700's

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    My dad has been doing his side of the family for about 20 years. There isn't any room in our closests because there are so many skeletons lol. It is true that truth is stranger than fiction. They were in bed, out of bed, and all around the bed, if you know what I mean. I don't have the patience but if you do it could be interesting. My dad wants to write a book but he now has Alzheimers. Hope he does it soon. Have fun. I just edited this. My dad somehow connected with some data base that is connected with the Mormon facility in Utah. He found it really helpful. Hopefully your families don't lie about names and dates and places and marital status like my family did.
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    I use a lot, but there are lots of other sites. If you go to you can search for family trees that have your names in them and you an acceess a lot of information for free. You need to make sure that what you find is accurate though. There are a lot of public records that have been entered by people incorrectly

    I have a whole page full of shortcuts I have used at one time or another. Most of my relatives came from the UK somewhere and I think I am about as far back as I can get short of going there to do research myself or paying someone to do it for me. There are quite a few full time researchers in the UK any more. The branch I am having the most trouble with is Hartfield which is my last name. Some of the other branches go back to the middle ages or even earlier. Once you can tie a name to royalty you can go back for centuries.

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    I am related to King Brian somebody from Spain around the ten hundreds. My family background is Irish. Some things you just don't want to do eh?
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    I have become involved with genealogy in the past 5 years or so. I did not have many relatives (or so I thought) and I wanted to leave as much of the family history to my daughter (just 7) as I could. I did not grow up with grandmothers, and really missed having them, and while I did have 2 grandfathers (one died when I was 8 and the other when I was 16), I did not take advantage of that and did not get much hard information from them, just lots of stories. I have tried to recreate as many of the stories as I could and have them in scrapbooks for my daughter.

    Another great source of information is cyndi's list. You can find lots of free sources for just about any family history. The internet has made it so much easier for all of us to complete family histories. It is just wonderful.

    Some other good sites are ellis island and castle garden, where many of the immigrants to the US were processed through. I was even able to find the ship's manifest listing many of my relatives.


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    Can't help you with that family name. I was wondering how many people would be interested in sharing a list of surnames to find out if we can help each other.