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    Hi to all well it is that time of year feels like I am coming
    down with that flu bone cold.Running a low grade temp More tired then the usually dose not help with the pain I already have now with my back problem. it is about 70 outside right now and going to turn real cold tonight down in the 30 they said. Really feel that their is also something else medical wrong with me and I do go to the doctor after the first and going to have a talk with him I know when their is something wrong ever one know their body and what is right and not right .That is what I told one doctor when he try to tell me that their was nothing wrong and went to another and said that I was going to have to have thyroid surgery.I know that this is the time to be happy and I am in my own way but it is hard to for get a few things in my life that have happen and it dose get in the way at this time of year. I think too that I had one spoil it for me years ago and it has carry on to my adult life. It is amazing how things move on to your adult life it like being rape or abuse it stays with you for
    ever. Do try and not let it get in the way but some how it dose. I feel along in my own little shell but yet I have a family and we are close we do have our moments as all families do. I do not think that it is normal to have bells
    sounding off in my ears ringing and feel at times that I am going to pass out.