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    with all the different theories and treatment plans out there- it can get confusing and overwhelming. sometimes i like to remind myself about the "sure bets"- things that i can do or try to do- that are known to be very healthy- with zero (or close to it) controversy.

    drink alot of water

    healthy eating- eat whole foods-veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts etc

    laugh (funny clips on youtube is a good source)

    exercise - at your own pace- dont over do- even if just simple stretching

    remember to be grateful for something(s)

    be kind to yourself

    rest when you can


    try to do things you enjoy sometimes-feed your "spirit"- even listen to your fav music

    a quality multi vitamin

    fish oil

    ---these things wont cure us- but they may help a bit, and they definately wont hurt!

    anyone have some other tips to add???


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    can I use the information to a list of my own I am putting together for new members of the FM support group I go to locally?

  3. bigmama2

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    of course!

    good luck