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  1. I cannot believe they killed Georgie off! I was so hoping for Spinelli and Georgie romance which I thought they were leading up too. Geesh! They killed Alan off, then Emily and they say more to come. I just read they let Bobbi go too. I think they are going too far.
  2. TeaBisqit

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    Yeah, I am totally disappointed. I wanted Georgie and Spinelli together. They would have made such a cute couple. I wish they had killed Liz off instead. There are so many characters I'd rather have gone than Georgie.
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    I want Sam gone...I cannot stand her.
    I was upset that Georgie was killed off I too thought Spinelli and Georgie what of made a very cute couple. I think that because Bobbi does not have much of a story line that they would kill her off too....get rid of Carley too she is another one that makes my blood boil..Hmmm I wonder if they are going to get rid of Sam, because of the text message she got saying she was next!

    Who do you think is the killer??? Cooper is really looking guilty these days.

    Love to all, Ann
  4. NO NO NO NOT Liz! I love her and Jason together....HOT HOT HOT! Yes get rid of Sam, I can't stand her.

    I think the killer is the one cop, can't think of his name, he told Maxie's boyfriend outside the restaurant , that he texts alot too. Just something about his look. Cooper . Johnny or Maxies boyfriend are too obvious.
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    Not Elizabeth, her and Jason are a super couple and I love them together. I wonder how long it will be for them to reveal the killer.

    Love to all, Ann