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    I had to go to the dentist last week and had several fillings replaced and a crown build-up done. It's been four days and I'm still hurtng and on pain meds. I had to have lots of nitrous for him to even replace the fillings. I went back to see him and he can find nothing that explains my continuing pain. Could it be that the FMS makes me even more sensitive to pain (the increased substance P theory) and that is why this is such am ordeal? Any thoughts/suggestions on how to decrease this pain?

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    I am not a dr. but my experience has been that I hurt worse and longer than other people when it comes to anything. Also it takes more anthesia(sp?) to put me to sleep. You should ask your doctor about this though just to be sure.Also, at nite the board gets slow so do bump this up tomorrow for the day crew.....hope you feel better soon..kathleen
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    It's been almost a year (can't remember) ago that I had a root canal done. Afterwards the tooth is supposed to be dead, right? I still have pain in that tooth. Can't eat on that side, can barely brush that tooth! Doc can't find any reason for it. He put a temp. crown on - he doesn't want to do anything permanent until there is no pain. I was just dx'd with FM in Feb. of this year. I'll have to mention it to him next time I go in. Or better yet, maybe I'll give him a call. The thought had crossed my mind after my dx that maybe it was the fibro. Maybe someone else will respond to your topic too.

    Who knows? FM is such a weird thing. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you but hope you feel better soon.

    Good health........Kathi
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    done has always been a problem for me. I have had many root canals, and like someone else said the nerves are dead so why should you have pain? What was explained to me is that even though the nerves are dead there are all those tissues surrounding the area where the work was done. I have a molar that had a root canal done on it over three years ago, I still get toothaches there and it is very sensitive. I have areas where I have had a tooth extracted, and Yes, I even get a toothache there. I know it doesn't make much sense, but the pain is very very real. I hope your dentist will be understanding and know that after any kind of dental work you might require some additional pain medication.

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    I have a theory. Our pain receptors are constantly receiving pain messages and are stressed to capacity. Any additional pain reads as excess. Its kind of like a power overload, the extra pain stimulus blows the system. Sadly humans do not have a trip switch (at least those of us with FMS don't seem to). Well its my theory anyhow (not at all sure it makes sense. LOL a lot of what I say doesn't).

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    I will only let an endodontist do my root canals now. These guys are specialists and it's all they do usually. They are very good at it. Dentists who don't do all that many often don't get all the nerve tissue out and it then becomes dead tissue in the body trapped in the root. This can cause further infection and pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    I also went to an endodontist - all he does is root canals. He's seen me 2 times since & he can't figure it out either. Weird stuff!!!

    Good health......Kathi
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    I am SOOOO pain sensitive. Continuing pain will make me more and more pain sensitive until my hair hurts and I get a migraine. When I come out of general anaesthesia the clip they put on the end of your finger to measure your blood oxygen feels like a vise(Unbearable-I have to take it off!). I do think people with fibro have their pain volume turned up, and my rheumy, who has fibro himself, agrees. When I had my tonsils out, my wisdom teeth out, sinus surgery, and orthopedic wrist repair,(not all at once, of course) I hurt for about two weeks longer than I was "supposed to". Just the fibro, everything else about the surgeries was normal. All I can offer you is that its normal for fibromites, take the pain meds for as long as you can get them, and look into neurontin, which can mediate the pain response by "turning down the pain volume" for some people, and can be a very effective medication for people with fibromyalgia.