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  1. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    We have been talking about skillets and beds in other threads so I thought, what about a thread of products that have helped you in your daily living with these DDs?

    I just bought 2 shark vacuums. One is very small and battery powered and the other is a little larger but light and easy to use. I used to have a dyson, but it bit the dust. I cannot rave about these sharks enough. i spent $100 on both on sale, which is 1/5 of the price of my dyson! They are light and easy to manuever. They do a great job on my hardwoods, tile, and wool rugs. (I bought 2 b/c i got the battery powered one for my son so he can help - which he loves to do!)
  2. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I had a swiffer sweeper vac but didnt like it. Wouldnt pick up cat litter. Got a bissel something or other and its not battery powered but it picks up cat litter. I just have a very long extension cord. What i really need to know is if those steam mops work. We have hardwood floors (not my idea...theyre a pain in the rumpus) and my mopping days are OVER. They look like they work well but everything on tv looks like it works. And im looking forward to hearing ideas on making life easier!
  3. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    what helps me-
    1. my awesome miele canister vac(uum cleaner)- luv it. great for dog hair and great on all hard surfaces. not for rugs.

    2.freezer!!! buy healthy frozen foods in bulk- esp bags of veggie mixes. can also freeze fresh fruit to use in smoothies or as toppings for oatmeal or---whatev.

    3. frozen pudding- tastes enough like ice cream to satisfy my craving, but w less calories and fat.

    4.any music that i love- right now into lady gaga and pink. can give me a lift.


    6.they say a crock pot is helpful and easy- i gotta get that thing out again and try it!

    7. when i was really having trouble w back and foot pain- i used the mobility scooter thing at groc store and walmart. embarassing but helpful.

    uhhhh, number 5 is kickin in right now- so i better go.

  4. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    Don't use it on your wood floors! I have read reviews of going both ways, but I have to say don't. I love the wagner one I got online for the tile floors, windows, granite counters, and stainless steel appliances. I have used it on my wood floors twice and I have found warping in 2 places.

    I prefer to clean my wood floors with the almond Method cleaner that you just squirt on and mop over. I have a mop/broom mix thing with a cloth cover that I can take off and toss in the washer, no more mop buckets for me!

  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    This IS a great Thread!

    I've always wanted to hear from someone who had a Shark. While I'm up in the middle of the night, there are at least 3 channels that are advertising them.

    I want the new handheld steamer! Have you all seen that??? We bought a bissell hand held one, it's okay, you have to refill it a little too often, but those really do clean well. You just want to go around and steam clean all of the little nooks and crannies - the grout around your sink etc.

  6. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I really want to get this too! I love the wagner one I bought, but it just take up too much room for my tiny little house and I can't justify it now that I know it messes up my wood floors.

    The sharks are great! I have the VX63 - cordless one, and the UltraLite - it converts from a stick vac to a hand vac and removes dog hair and dirt from my wool rugs w/o turning bristles.
  7. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I have only briefly scanned this article, but I think it applies to this thread and has some good info.

  8. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Thanks for the warning about steam mops and hardwood floors! Ive come thisclose to ordering one. It never occurred to me to use air purifiers. Anything that cuts the dust would be a welcome addition. Anyone ever hear of those ionized salt things? DHs stepsister swears by it but shed buy the brooklyn bridge if you offered her a good price.
  9. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I have the canister type Shark Steam Cleaner. I wish I had the stick kind but I got one when they first came out. I have tile floors in my kitchen and baths and it works great on cleaning them. Also, it help clean the bathtubs. The steam cleans the soap scum really easily. No scrubbing.

    My floors shine just like new after using the Shark.

    I only wish I didn't have to pull the tank around with me when I clean. I would advise buying the stick model.

  10. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I have a wagner canister steam thingie. It works great on my tile floors and showers. My tile is textured and not smooth. I use this thing on everything. (except the wood floors after I learned my lesson)
  11. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I tried out the shark steam mop and another one, can't remember what it was. I hated it, it just seamed to get the tiles wet and push the dirt around. I do have to get on my hands and knees and clean the grout with the steam wand about once a month b/c we have 3 giant dogs, 2 cats, and a kid, but I don't have a ton of tile, so it isn't that big of a deal. The wagner canister one I have now has all sort of attachments and has done a great job on everything I have used it on so far, including the glass top stove, which I hate cleaning.

    I'm excited to clean the car tomorrow b/c I'm going to test it out on the wheels. Of course that is probably as far as I will get before I call it quits and take it somewhere to be cleaned, but at least I can say I tried it ;)
  12. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Oh...and i love my schick intuition plus razor. It makes shaving easier cos it has soap at the blade saving me a step. Thats when i can get in the shower. Oh...and clorox wipes. Gotta have em. Has to be clorox wipes...the generics dont work as well.
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  13. Misfit101

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    Hey! Does smelling like a goat mean you have to look like one? Go get yourself a SCHICK INTUITION PLUS. COM razor and do something about your scrumpy self!
  14. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Oh go pet yourself. AGAIN.
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    I have been away from this thread for four hours and when I came back, I was shocked at how negative and degrading this thread has become. It wasn't like that five hours ago. No one disagreed. No one argued. No one had an opinion.

    Such negativity.

    I am leaving this thread and will not come back. I really am. Here I go now. Don't try and talk me out of it. Okay? I've got one foot out the door. No I really mean it. I'm leaving. In a minute I will leave. Thirty seconds, fifteen, ten, five, zero. Good bye then. Don't worry about me, sniff. I will be fine. So, aurevoir, sayonara, arrivederci and astalavista, baby,

    Whistling, "So long, farewell...." from Sound of Music.

    Oh all right, I won't go. (Puts foot back inside door). OMG!! This thread has become so negative since I threatened to leave. I am shocked, some people are really rude......................!!


  16. HeavenlyRN

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    I've had a lot of fun reading this thread. And, honestly, I have nothing helpful to add. I can't think of too much that I've done that has helped me - or would help anyone else - with the exception of taking my Percocet when the pain gets too bad. Then I can do pretty much anything, much to my DH's chagrin!

    But, I did want to mention, if you don't have any duct tape to cover what you don't like on your your computer screen .......try using white out!!! :)
  17. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    It's time for some "tough love" for you, you, you, you, wait, I'll think of it in a minute, hold on, okay, you dunce!!

    Last week it was toilet paper that you were raving about. This week it is duct tape. What's next? Aluminum Foil? You definitely need an intervention to learn how to control your impulsive duct taping. There has to be a medication that will help. Maybe even a natural product like arsenic?

    I would report you to the Federal Misuse of Rudeness Association. FMRA, but according to Dr. Mercy Buttercups newsletter, they are getting kickbacks from the Emily Post Coalition. EPC

    In the meantime here is a site I have posted before. Would you go to it then, noooooo, you thought you were too good for that. Remember Miss High and Mighty?

    As for me, I am going to stick to toilet paper or as said in proper circles toilet tissue.

    If I left any of your warped ideas to use against you,it is because my brain is still, well you know, pfffffffft!!


    ETA Anyone have some Beano?????
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    Aussiewoman i will THINK about you trimming your own hooves and SUPPORT you while you do it. On second thought... No thanks. It would offend my delicate sensibilities. And yall left out BUTTER KNIVES! Dontcha know we can fix anything with duct tape and butter knives? They take the place of a hammer saw and screwdriver. I could build a house with duct tape and butter knives. Oneida is the best. Strong and durable. Ima gonna duct tape my behind to the bed and use my butter knife to dig under my toenails with. Now you can add disgusting to the list of my faults. I dont care.
    You dont know me! Leave me alone.[This Message was Edited on 06/15/2010]
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    i am not sure if you are arguing or just being funny
  20. gapsych

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