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    I was trying to reach medicaid for some records I need and I ran on to this site that says the FDA requires the same amount of qualities from generic meds as they do the brand names. It is at Freedom of Information Group. They lists myths and facts about drugs. I highly doubt their findings. My drugs, expecially klonipin and Lortab, seem to be very different in the generic form. I am going to speak to my pharmasist about this, but I dont want to insult them, but I do want to raise the issue that they just simply dont seem to be working. Could someone give me some information on generic drugs and the reasons some dont work as well? I want to be informed when I speak with them so I can get the meds that will work without walking away just accepting the excuses they may give me. I am on Medicaid so can I just pay the difference if I get the brand names or can I request the Doctor prescribe only the brand names of these 2 drugs? All the other meds I get that are generic seem to work fine, but I do have serious doubts about those 2. Thanks for listening to me once again. Sis
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    I just responded to another post about this. There are different classes of generics. Some pharmacies will only buy the cheapest on the market. Osco/Albertson's doesn't do this. My pharmacist knows the man who does the purchasing nationally. The quality of generics I have gotten from Albertson's has always been great. I use generic Klonopin and it works fine for me.

    While the active ingredients are the same, the generics will differ in the coatings and fillers in the capsules/tablets. Cheap coatings and fillers may interfer with absorbsion of the active ingredients. This can also be true of cheap supplements.

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