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    Hi everyone, I would like to know if anyone who is taking Ultram regularly for pain relief has tried the generic version. I have been taking Ultram for 5 years and it has worked quite well. I have not increased my dosage with time, and take less when I feel better (e.g. am working out regularly), and have had no side effects. However, this month is the second time I've tried the generic version ($7.00 vs 54.00) and although I usually don't care whether or not a drug is generic, I'm almost doubling my dosage (and it's not psychological). In other words, my pain is remaining much stronger. A friend in graduate school in pharmacy has acknowleged that this is quite likely to occur, as a drug that goes off patent is 'copied' by ingrediant, but not exactly the same amounts. anyway, I'd like to hear your comments. Thanks.
    a. sobh
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    Hi Sobh, welcome to the board. Your friend is correct, some generics are copies, and they do use different ingredients.

    It is probably not you but the meds.

    I take Xanax, and the generic brands are much weaker that the original. I would have to take twice as much.

    Others that take your med will be answering you also. I don't take anything except the Xanax so can't relate to Ultram.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl