Generic Ultram, more than one Mfg. which do you like

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  1. ladydi

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    Hi all,
    I found out recently that the generic form of Ultram,
    Tramadol has more than one manufacturer.(sp)

    I was reviewing a post from last September on the subject of Ultram -vs- Tramadol.
    Evidentally, many folks, like myself are unaware of the
    fact that more than one company makes this generic.

    Here's my question. Do you like Ultram (not generic)
    or do you like the Tramadol?

    If you use Tramadol, which Mfg. makes your Tramadol.

    Recently, I had my prescription filled at a different pharmacy, this is how I found out there were different Mfg.

    The only two Mfg. I know of are Teva, and Pure-Pak.

    I am not pleased with the Pure-Pak. I'm thinking about
    biting the bullet, and paying the additional $$$$ for just
    the Name Brand Ultram.

    Any input would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a million,
  2. IntuneJune

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    I am not familiar with the generic manufacturer of Ultram, however, do want to tell you a little story. First of all good for you for shopping around. There are some that will tell you generic is just as good as brand and it certainly would make sense, however, explain that to my dog.

    We had switched her anti-anxiety medication Clomicalm to generic to save big bucks. A week later she developed some very very bad habits. There is no need to go into it but lets just say she was so much more anxious. Called the vet, she suggested a trial of the brand again and sure enough, her "symptoms" cleared up. Now, I ask you, was this all in this dog's head!!!!!! Good luck in your search. Fondly June
  3. ladydi

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    Bumping for more responses
  4. AC77

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    If I have to go generic, I prefer the Walgreeens one. It does suck still! I rarely say anything bad about generics, but Ultram is one that consistently is complained about and I agree! I hate the EON generic the most. I will pay my 30.00 copay to get the brand instead of the 10.00 for a generic. It's well worth it. At least I have insurance. Thank Goodness.