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    Research by Dr John Gow of the University of Glasgow, Scotland into the genetic expression of patients with CFS, has found that their genetic expression is identical to those with Lyme Disease.

    My own experience is that decades of debilitating and severe illhealth could have been averted if I had been diagnosed with and treated properly for Lyme Borreliosis at an early stage. I was finally diagnosed with it in 2004 and have been receiving treatment since. Sadly the long duration of my illness means that the prognosis is not good.

    A recent online poll of members of a Lyme Borreliosis support group found that upward of 80% of respondents had had a previous diagnosis of CFS/ME.

    This failure to diagnose and treat Lyme Borreliosis in hundreds of thousands of patients will be the medical scandal of coming years.

    We all owe it to ourselves to get a proper diagnosis from a Lyme Literate MD and start campaigning for proper diagnosis and treatment. Perhaps then no more promising young lives will be blighted by this hideous disease.
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    Hi vintagevix,

    Wow, this is amazing!

    Only today I've been advised to be tested for it.....

    Sadly, the research shows that, the later the patient is treated, the less effective the antibiotics are. For example, it's been suggested by more than one research team that it's pointless giving them more than 6 months after first infection.

    Given that a lot of patients aren't diagnosed for several years, the treatments aren't likely to help most of them. But it's still good to know that there is clinical evidence for the CFS/ME/CFIDS.

    Thanks so much for your contribution!

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    Thank you for informing us with "scientific proof" of the relationship between CFS and Lyme Disease. I'm one of those people formerly diagnosed with CFS who actually has Lyme Disease. I agree with you 110% about getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, most doctors and patients are not very aware of the connection between CFS and Lyme. So we have to bring that awareness out in any way we can.

    Vloga, hello. I have to disagree with you. I believe that most people with chronic Lyme can be helped. I'm not saying "cured", but we can regain a high degree of health and quality of life, while remaining on "maintenance" for the Lyme. The treatment process is not for the faint of heart, we have to fight every inch of the way.

    The first thing is to get to a knowledgeable doctor and get diagnosed properly. There are many different treatment protocols available. Some using only prescription medications, some using only herbal, and others using a combination. A specific diet and nutritional supplements are essential.

    Many people use complementary approaches as well. Anything from Rife machines, to colon therapy, and yoga.

    This disease is formidable, and brings with it harmful effects to our bodies, organs, immune system and cells. So we must be treated at every level. Most of us also have co-infections, neurotoxins, stealth viruses and infections, hypercoagulation, etc. These must all be treated along with the lyme.

    I have been sick for over 6 years, and was just diagnosed late last year with Lyme. I've been on treatment for 9 months now. At first, I got worse, and didn't know if I'd make it through. Only in the last 5-6 weeks am I beginning to see improvements. That's why I remain HOPEFUL!!

    Best to all,

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    Hi and thanks for responding to my post.

    Yes it is still possible to treat Lyme after long infection. The most important thing is to get the proper tests and treatment from a Lyme literate MD. Not sure if I am allowed to give URLs on this board but google for Bowen and Igenex will help.

    Also you can check out Yahoo groups for support. Search for ME/CFS/FMS and infection.

    Please tell more about herbal treatment.
    I use Samento.

    I have been ill since childhood and will be 50 this month, so maybe it is too late for me to get well, but I am happy to say that my teenage daughter who had been too ill to attend school for 4 years plus is now mended with appropriate treatment and able to work full-time, party full-time and live independently.

    Cheers Vix
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    Thanks Stormskye, i'll check it out.
    Vix (vintage)