Genetic Illness : not being covered by some inc.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sisland, May 2, 2008.

  1. sisland

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    I Saw this on the news last night,,,,,That some Health insurance Companies are having their subcribers tested for prexisting Genetic illnesses,,and or disorders before they will cover them,,,,,,

    How unfair is That!!,,,,,,,,,I have no clue what the percentage rate is of folks getting ill from stuff that is passed down to them through genetics ,,,,,,,,,,But it has to be high,don't you think?,,,,,,,,,,,Opinions?,,,,,,,,S
  2. Cromwell

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    and they will not cover mental health conditions either, which is awful as they ARE illnesses, not self perpetuating. How can this be?

  3. sisland

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    This is just so wrong! Human suffering is bad enough!,,,and then to not even be aware that you might have an illness that has been passed down to you from your Family Genitics until later in your life,,,,,,,Scarey!,,,,,,,like you say the Mental illnesses and people who have the alcholism gene passed along to them,Etc,,,,,,,,,What's our world comming to!

    I'm wondering if any of the folks working for these inc. companies have some of the illnesses and don't even know it until it's to late!,,,,,,,,,,S
  4. Cromwell

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    recently I had an MRI of the brain and my eye doc wrote "visual hallucinations and palinopsia" as reason for MRI. He joked that this would confuse them all. I joked back that they would presume I had schizophrenia ( he was checking for a brain tumor).

    Sure enough I got a letter from the insurers saying that they do not cover mental illness or substance abuse (neither of which I have)so we had to reassure them it was for a brain tumor (which I did not have either thank goodness).

    I could have sworn that the insurance was made to cover these conditions a few years back and somehow it has been reversed. So next time we read of someone off their meds with a gun in a mall let's blame the insurance shall we. They just closed down a large teen mental health facility here in Buffalo. Where are teens with mental health issues meant to go?

    Love Annie
  5. sisland

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    That a "Doctor" would write that for a reason to have an MRI! I'm wondering if the insurance companies are on to them now too about what they actualy write down for a reason for testing!,,,,,,,,

    I'm so Glad that you didn't have a Brain Tumor!,,,,,,,,,,I haven't had an MRI yet,,,but feel that it is probably neccesary,,,,due to all sorts of symptoms!,,scarey!,,i hope Medicare will pay for it! i'll have to read up on it,,,,,
    It seems that if they close down the MHF that the state will have to kick in and pay for placement of thoes patients,,,,,,,,,You never know i guess!,,,,,,,S
  6. sisland

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    Wow,,,,Sounds like your a great Mom! and yes they should pay for his Meds!,,,,,I'm glad that your an advocate for your Son!,,,,it's so unfair about the employment discrimination!,,,,,,,,

    This is just a suggestion,,,but i know that Macdonalds and k-mart hire kids with Medical disorders,,,,,,at least in this part of the country,,,,,and they do a great job!

    Larry King doesn't know what he's talking about,,,,,How can he give that type of opinion if he has never been around people with MI,,,,,,

    When i was a therapy aide we delt with all sorts of mentaly ill folks and none of them were violent! if they were on the right meds and had people around to look after them,,they did great,,,,,

    But then you have the folks that fall through the cracks of the system and don't take their meds,,and don't have the right therapies,,,,,,,it's bound to happen,,,,,But what can we do,,,,,,,,,,Sis
  7. Cromwell

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    Here are some facts.

    If every murderer or terrorist was given a "label" then we would say that every 28 year old male needs locking up.

    Per capita, people with mental illness do less harm than people without mental illness. So they are actually safer than most others.

    Most people with schizophrenia are actually timid and scared. They are fearful they are being persued by people out to harm them a lot of the time. The meds are very expensive and here is the good news Patient Assistance Programs will always provide meds free of charge.

    The problem arises when people do not understand how fearful someone with mental illness is and scare them into trying to defend themselves. This happens a lot.

    Most of the people who go on rampages have anger control and power problems rather than an organically based illness.

    I think it is outrageous that mental illnesses are not covered by insurers-look at all the soldiers coming home with Post traumatic Stress disorder. It is also dreadful the way some families ignore their mentally ill children and siblings, even the ones who are taking their meds and trying their hardest.

    The first places they close down are the mental facilities which pushes people out on the streets then they cannot even get their meds. For most people, mental illnesses can be successfully controlled by medications and being treated kindly.

    I had a good friend who had schizophrenia. She was a wonderful writer, artist and delightful to know. Her meds made her fat, and she got treated badly for both the mental illness and being overweight. She got cancer all over and the day before she died she told me that it was a lot harder having the mental illness than the cancer as people treated her well on the cancer and for being thin!!!

    It saddens me.

    Love Annie
  8. sisland

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    For your insightes and Opinions!,,,,It is rather scarey for people with Mental illness on the insurance end!,,,,,,,,,It's sad!,,,,,,Sis
  9. Mikie

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    A lot of families with serious disorders have been agonizing about whether to get genetic testing for this very reason. They fear they will not be able to get insurance or that the insurance will not cover their illnesses, should they emerge.

    We desperately need healthcare reform. Healthcare is a right and should not depend on whether one is wealthy or lucky.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Doober

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    unfair for the insurance companies to do this.

    First of all, we ALL would get denied coverage.

    We all have genes that have potential to mutate to something harmful to us.

    Now as far as those with mental illnesses commiting crimes. Most shooting and other crimes of this nature were commited by, "normal" people who "snapped".

    Not by someone who have had a mental health illness for years and years.

    People like Larry King need to watch what comes out of their mouths. These types of ignorant unfounded comments just create a hysteria among the general public who have no idea what type of mental illnesses there are.

  11. Greenbean7

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    Sorry, I know this is serious stuff but:

    I read the title as GENERIC illnesses! I thought they might only be covering name brand illnesses or paid less on the generic brands!

    Ok, I should go home now I'm obviously in no shape to be handling other people's money!!