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    This battle is a direct result of NAFTA.

    Stop the sneak attack on GMO food labeling!

    If the U.S. government has its way, a powerful intergovernmental group you've probably never heard of may soon prevent anyone anywhere from labeling genetically modified (GMO) food.

    Operated by the United Nations, the Codex Alimentarius is a collection of guidelines, codes and recommendations regarding food safety and labeling standards used by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to settle international disputes regarding food and agricultural export agreements.

    According to draft language circulated by the FDA, the U.S. will oppose a proposal at an upcoming meeting of an important Codex committee that would allow the labeling of genetically engineered food. Consumers Union and more than 80 family farm, public health, environmental and organic food organizations have raised concerns that the U.S. position will create major problems for American producers who want to label their products as "GMO-free."

    Unfortunately, rather than taking a proactive stance on GMO labeling and standing up for the rights of American citizens, the Obama administration has incorporated pre-existing Bush administration positions, stating that Codex should not "suggest or imply that GM/GE foods are in any way different from other foods."

    Leading national food policy experts believe this position directly contradicts USDA Organic standards, which prohibit the use of genetically engineered products. If adopted, the Obama administration's proposal might not only weaken organic standards, but could also lead to further genetic contamination of U.S. organic crops, the fastest and most profitable segement of agriculture today.
    Even worse, the current U.S. draft position paper declares that mandatory labeling laws such as they have in Europe are "false, misleading or deceptive." If the U.S. succeeds in writing the proposed Codex regulations, any attempts here in the U.S. to label foods as genetically engineered, whether voluntary or by law, would become far more difficult.

    This extreme position on genetically engineered food is unacceptable.
    Join CREDO Action in calling on the US delegation to the Codex Committee meeting, led by representatives of the FDA and USDA, to drop these positions and support proposals to allow countries to make their own decisions on the labeling of genetically engineered foods.
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    gap, I did consider posting on the chit chat. It moves slower than this board--lots slower and it has less readership.

    I think that your kind of thinking (going ahead and doing something without knowing what the consequences might be) has led to a lot of our environmental problems. I think of farmers who were convinced to use pesticides and became overly mechanized (unnecessarily so) are now (many of us are) realizing that taking actions without knowing what the possible outcomes might be is not wise--especially when outcomes will impact the globe. Warnings were issued by many sources for a long time before anyone took them seriously.

    All of this in the name of money. Not a good enough motive for me to look the other way until there is some research proving that GMO is dangerous.

    Jamin--thanks for the guidance. I will post this elsewhere. I signed the petition as well.

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    I have terrible allergies to some of the GMO veggies. I can't eat GMO corn, I get severe eczema if I do. I've gotten nearly instant vomiting from some of the other GMO fruits and veggies. I can't eat that way. People don't understand that this isn't just changing the taste or size of a fruit or veggie, they are changing the genetic structure of the foods. They are doing something that nature never intended for us to ingest and our bodies often cannot handle these foreign substances. And then everyone wonders why we get sick.

    We need truth in labeling. I want to see full disclosure of everything on a label. I want to know exactly what I'm buying. Nondisclosure is just evil. They could put poison in it and sell it to you if they wanted. We need truth in labeling.

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