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    Hello GeneticDefect,

    I can't figure out how to email you directly but my dr. has agreed to order the Pneumoccocal Serotype 12 test and the tetnus and diphpria (spelled wrong) antibody response tests as well.

    Do you know what the prep is for these tests? Meaning do I get a shot before hand and then go a week later and get my blood drawn??

    Can you please explain the process? I will use my local Unilab unless you say there is a better lab to use for these kind of tests. Thank you, Karen

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    Thank you for bumping me. I am not sure what it means, I tbink it means helping your message stay near the top, right? Thank you again, Karen
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    Is there a way to email GeneticDefect directly? It doesn't seem like GeneticDefect is checking the board lately. Thank you, Karen
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    Hello, I will try asking this again since I know someone has to know the answer but just can't see the post because it goes to the back so fast....does anyone know if you can contact a person directly? I have been trying to reach GeneticDefect with my original question because GeneticDefect doesn't seem to be reading this board. Thank you, Karen